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Easy assembly

Very Nice!

Well, I'm sold!

I'm in the USA, and was a little worried about possible scam/quality of product as I had never heard of this site before when I stumbled across a video of the 4 cylinder engine assembly. I thought that it would be a perfect gift for my hubby, but didn't want to just toss $300 out the window. So, I ordered this as basically just a test for the site. It took a little longer to get to me than the website suggested- but exactly what i had expected for an order coming from China - 4-6 weeks. There were no instructions, which suited us just fine, but if my hubby were not a problem solver by nature, it may have been an issue, as there ARE some instructions on the website; but the translation into English basically negates their worth. But the product itself? Perfect. Exactly as advertized. When he opened it up, he was immediately impressed with the seal that occured when he placed one part inside the other. They are machined to perfectiion! We were concerned when we didn't get it to work right away, but after reading some of the other reviews found out that you do indeed need to let the glass heat up with the fire under it for a couple minutes. we set a timer for 2 minutes, and then gave it a push to start, and it ran like a champ! Super neat, high quality, unique gift for the science lover/ problem solver in our family! Can't wait to see the multiple hundreds of parts that come with the V4 motor, and the look on his face when he starts to open it on Christmas morning!!! Thank you, Engine DIY!!!

Great little conversation piece

A great little conversation piece that is easy to use and fun to see in motion.

Nice engine

Love this product. Works perfectly.

Five Stars

Works perfectly. met my expectations

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