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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Eric W
Fantastic Build, Fantastic Model!!

Absolutely impressive aluminum alloy model! Easy to follow instruction booklet, beautifully fabricated parts are all well packed in sturdy plastic trays with covers, and it all comes in a very nice-looking tin. Parts came together very well, all the gears, shafts, and pistons move very smoothly once properly greased. Everything about this metal kit screams high-quality. But the best part has to be how everything on the engine syncs together so well that even the valves are timed to open during the appropriate piston strokes. That makes this model a great educational tool to teach others how a real 4-cylinder automotive engine functions. Love all the additional components as well, such as the water pump, oil filter, oil pan, starter motor, alternator, and intake/exhaust ports that really complete the look of the model. This kit comes in 3 different color schemes and I opted for the red/gold model. I think it will contrast perfectly with the blue/silver V-8 engine which I'm definitely purchasing after my experience with this kit. Being such an expensive model, I'd recommend putting it in a display case where it can be free from any dirt, dust, and moisture. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kit for any engine/model/mechanic enthusiast!!

Ricardo Abrão
I Loved!

It was one day full of enjoyment! Ease instructions! Excellent quality! And a beautiful result!

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

This is my second similar engine, first V4 in blue, now, upgrade version in red!


Again, a really fun and interesting engine to build. Very impressed. Looking forward to doing the V8 engine soon.

jacob dinesman

i like it.

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