Electrolysis of Water Generator - Oxy Hydrogen Flame Generator Home Science Kit - Engineidy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nick Ferrara
Would have reviewed it by now but...

They shipped me a Chinese plug. I live in the USA what the hell guys? You’re engineers. Also, it was a little reckless to internationally ship NaOH in a plastic vessel without any form of seal. I can’t use it because I have to buy an outlet adapter for it. It came with stripped threads and insufficient screws. There are no assembly instructions anywhere online, which is good for keeping idiots from building a torch that burns ionized gas, but it’s bad for keeping lesser idiots from finding a way to build a torch that burns ionized gas. The cap on the water chamber that leads to the torch should have a fitting that spins so the hose doesn’t get twisted up when you go to add water. The product arrived at my door and after evaluation, the hypothesis is that this product was sent to me “used” although I paid for a new one.

Daniel Fidler
Excellent product

Very simple to understand and put together. Works really well and had no problems. Directions can be found on the internet and easy to follow.

Jason Kukal
Works great honestly

Love it does exactly what it’s suppose to do

Claudio Bruni
Cool kit

Great learning experience. I have used this with my grandchildren, that have really had a good time watching the process. Very cool engine

Evan Keene

Worked instantly, and perfectly the second it was turned on! 👍

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