Wimshurst Machine Physics Electrostatic Generator Model for Science Education

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Francoise Benka
Works perfectly

Aside from the shipping conditions, the machine worked out of the box. There was no packing material, just the machine in a box. Also included in the box was a bottle opener that was not secured and rattled around in the box and damaged some of the contacts. The company promptly sent me replacement wheels. They were very easy to replace and the machine worked perfectly. Although the directions were loosely translated from Japanese, they were not really needed. I just moved the balls until they were 4cm apart and turned the crank about 5 times and voila! Spark! If you're looking for a Van de Graaff generator, I highly recommend this one. Great customer service. (photo of electrified photo paper)

Troy G
Arrived in one piece but had issues

Handle fell off the unit and the base/stand had a crack in it, otherwise functional unit.

Lindsay Smith
Reliving High school science

Straight out of the box it was great. The crack of the spark, ozone and really cranking hard to get a good 2cm spark. I give it a turn to relieve stress! Other two are Christmas presents.

Customer Linda Huntington
Bent but didn't break

It looked a little rough when I took it out, not the best packaging job but with a few adjustments, in minutes I had it working great. I pair it with the thunder drum and I have an actual thunder storm with lightening. Still working on cloud with rain but it is amazing science for my grandchildren and the children in the classroom. worth the $s. Be very careful, it not your father's static globe, it will bite.

David lucas
Wurlitzer static Generator

Works great, be careful will shock the crap out of you!

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