Vacuum Engine V-Shape 2 Cylinder Flame Eater Engine Kit Creative Gifts for Collection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas McGrath
A vacuum engine kit for the determined tweaker - but worth the effort

Really cheap for what it is...the basis for an epic twinvacuum engine. Yes, you can set it up to run reliably, steadily, with small flames, for half-hour runs. You'll need to pre-heat it with a hairdryer or it will get condensate in the cylinders after starting. Use only graphite dust for lubrication. Don't use the grub screws to hold the cylinders - it deforms them. use silicone sealer in their bases to secure them.I disassembled the valve gear and filed every surface really flat with a good straight cut finishing file, and used engineer's washers to keep cams smooth. Valves needed edges pinched to keep them secure. Added tube to burner to get flame in the right place, and I recommend fibreglass wicks for the spirit burners too. I added old PC heatsinks to get the engine run times long without overheating robbing it of power. I even got a lovely popping V-twin sound out of it with a little care... See for yourself: on my Youtube channel thomas PCGuru ENGINES....Thanks! YouTube video placeholder
Great engines

Engine works very well once the flame position is adjusted for best performance adding a rubber band or something to hold the fuel cells in place when the engine is operating is helpful

Aaron Nestell
Good overall

Ordered the 90 twin flame licker. Came in crushed and with next to no protection, but I wasn't about to send it back to China with vivid going on. Ended up using a torch and rubber mallet to straighten everything out then just BBQ spray painting it. It's finicky and a nightmare to get running, but once you get it running it goes pretty good. Requires cleaning after every run and will not run if you oil the cylinders. Also it vibrates like something your mother wouldn't approve of and there is nothing holding the fuel tanks in place so I'd recommend rubber bands. Trying to get the cylinders to run together is like getting 5 year olds to share, so I'd probably stick with the single cylinder model, but overall it's a cool novelty.

michael dent
Flame licker engine

The engine is excellent the service was excellent highy recommended 10 out of 10

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