32cc Inline Four Cylinder Water Cooled Gasoline Engine for 1: 5 RC Model Car / Ship/ Airplane

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Customer Reviews

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incredible product for price. come with radiator and fan

david bradley
32cc 4 cylinder four stroke engine.

On receiving the engine I took the cylinder head off and the sump.
I was impressed by the build quality,
The cylinder head is sealed by four individual seals for each cylinder, No leaks here.
The sump removal was easy and the bottom end is substantial and well engineered. Very impressive.
She runs well with quite soft valve springs which limits the speed.
The drive system to the water pump and oil pump are not strong enough, only 1.5mm diam nitrile bands,
I tried Mamod spring bands, better, but with the oil pump and water pump being crucial I have fitted electric motors to drive both.
I have ordered some 2mm nitrile bands and will try to see if they will do the job.
The electric starter system is excellent as is the additional exhaust.
I fitted the large fuel filter to the oil system. looks much better also scale looing
No way of measuring the oil in the sump but found out by trial and error that 45ml of oil is adequate with the larger oil filter,
I would prefer a metal finish to the engine, I removed the yellow anodising from the rocker cover to the metal finish. Much improvement to the eye.
All in all a great product and at such a reasonable cost,
David Bradley UK.

Susanne Kiler

We’re waiting for the base orders from you

Bruce young
Great potential if only

The engine is very nicely designed and the CNC is first rate. That said, there are what I’d describe as growing pains showing.
The intake manifold stub that slips inside the carburetor was slightly out of round and had a parting burr, requiring some file work to seat the carb. Likewise the exhaust manifold nipple had a parting burr needing filed off to fit a metal exhaust bushing for a muffler. The included switch was incorrect, a momentary rather than on/off. A few loose screws. Be sure to go around and check. The intake manifold started sucking air almost immediately due to loose screws. Water and oil pump belts were oily and slipped badly. Windex to the rescue. It’s not a turnkey toy. It’s a hobbyist item. Be prepared to tinker.

But once up and running it’s sweet, especially with the new style iron piston rings rather than rubbber.
They would do well to employ a tech writer to produce instructions, especially in English.
I’m planning on using mine as a power plant for a mini sawmill.

Jack Stewart

I had oil pump problems not pumping oil until I removed the oil filter, engine das get very hot quick where I am so I used a in line 12v water pump which seem to work.

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