Modified Electric Start Kit for 32cc Inline Four-cylinder Water-cooled Gasoline Engine (SKU: 33ED3030434, 333085161ED, 33ED3104107)

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SKU 33ED3096693

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Customer Reviews

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Helmut Popp
Modified Electric Start Kit for 32cc Inline Four-cylinder Water-cooled

Everything is fine. The starter motor is powerful and the clamp assembly is brilliant

william hall
good unit

very good unit works well . instructions a little bit sketchy,

david bradley
32cc 4 cylinder Elecrtic starter

What a suburb bit of Kit, Don't think about it just buy one,
Parcel arrived easy fitment, works a treat,
I find a little prime of petrol in the carb makes starting even easier.
Surperb engineering, used Fema ones in the past these are half the cost,

David UK

Susanne Kiler
Not yet tried

I have not tried the item out yet as I am waiting for the base to arrive, that I ordered from your company.

Please check back with me later

Not for the novice, but works well.

The item is well made and works great once installed, but the only instructions amount to a very “polished” video that omits any sticky issues.
First, the set screw holding the flywheel flange to the crankshaft is on with lock tite. Either a big soldering gun or torch will be needed to heat it and free it. I used a small jewelers pencil flame torch. Worked great.

Second, once the rear plate is removed from the block, clean the lip of the oil pan up and use high temp red silicone to seal the new back plate when installed. Otherwise you’ll have an oil leak and get to do it again.
Adjusting the mating between the one way clutch and starter big gear by loosening the set screw will help get things aligned properly.
I’m still not totally confident of reassembly of the flywheel. The only method I figured out that worked was using the long screws provided and flipping the flywheel over with the recessed middle facing out to install it onto the starter clutch collet. You won’t have much crack left sticking out, so any thoughts of adding a pto pulley will be complicated.
Don’t try to run the starter off the ignition battery pack. The current draw is too high, and prolonged cranking will literally melt the battery tray. A dedicated starter battery is the ticket. I’m using a 9.6v NiMH pack for the starter circuit.

Again, a great product once you figure it out. It looks great and works fine. The total lack of instructions assumes a lot from the buyer.

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