Stirling Engine 2 Cylinder Stirling Engine Model with Electricity Generator Science Toy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jarrod Higgins
Excellent aesthetics

Pretty happy with the product. Nice beefy with plenty of spare parts. Cant wait to fire it up. Pleasantly surprised

Don Bingaman
Great Education Model

This is a well-built working model that illustrates the conversion of heat into mechanical work. It is a real eye-opener for 10-year olds.

George Montgomery
broken fuel bottle

I have asked for help replacing a broken fuel bottle that arrived broken no one has made an attempt to help me ,What should I DO?

Georgett Neeld
One engine did not work

Only one engine works

Alissa Imbracsio
Excellent quality

I bought this as an educational toy for my 10 year old. The item was carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The package also included a number of spare parts.
Everything is made of solid metal, except, of course, for the glass tubes. All you need to do is add some alcohol to the fuel container and light it up. After a minute or so of warming up, just give the flywheel a gentle nudge to provide the initial momentum and the fun starts.

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