TOYAN Level 15 Modify Methanol Engine to Gasoline Engine Model DIY Micro 12V Generator Set with Water-cooled Radiator Device

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Customer Reviews

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Nice engine, but...

This is a nice engine setup. It runs well and it starts well. The speed is about 6000 rpm minimum. Below this value the engine will stall (maybe due to a small and light flywheel). Disappointing however: owing to vibrations several screws (starter motor, engine base, exhaust) came loose after only a few runs. Because these screws are not easily accessible I had to partly disassemble it in order to tighten these screws. (And owing to this manufacturing problem only 4 stars.)
There is no instruction leaflet. The only information provided is not to change the setting of the main jet and to use a mixture of 4 parts petrol and 1 part oil. This seems to be an excessive amount of oil for a 2-stroke engine with rotary valve. So far I have used a more typical mixture of 25 parts petrol (95 octane) and 1 part 2-stroke oil (which is a mixture of 1:25 or 4%). Even with this mixture the engine still spits out some unburnt oil from the exhaust.
So, all in all: good engine, some manufacturing problems and wrong (?) fuel info.

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