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Customer Reviews

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Géza Búza
Excellent product

I like that it is shipped as assembled. It is high performance indeed, even the warmth of hands can operate the engine. The quality of material and assemly seems solid.

Impressive product and excellent customer service!

1. Place the engines on a 5/6 cup/mug of boiled water for 30 seconds, spin the flywheel (this is to test if they work well)
2. If they do, place the engine into freezer/refrigerator for a few minutes until the temperature of the engine drops to about 30°F below room temperature. For example, when room temperature is 77°F (25℃), then the desired/ideal temperature of the engine should be 45-50°F (5-10℃)
3. Then place the bottom plate of the engine in your palm (hands should be warm) for one minute or even longer to ensure more surface area is in contact to heat the plate evenly, see video for reference.
4. Spin the flywheel with your other hand to start the engine.

Note: Temperature difference between top panel of the engine and your hand should be 59-68ºF (15-20℃) or more and your hand must be really warm to continuously provide heat. Otherwise it won't work.

Katharina Breuer
ran great!

Took it out of the box and did some minor assembly. put a cup of hot water under it and spun it. the engine ran straight and smooth for almost an hour and a half. pretty cool

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