STARK Mini Tesla Music Coil Speaker Plasma Singing Loudspeaker Experimenting Device Teaching Tool Desktop Toy

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Customer Reviews

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Don MacLane

This coil is impressive, nice dancing spark from the needle tip and it makes leds glow at a distance. As expected it can irritate electronics located nearby. When I had it running the first time, I noticed the heat sink and particularly the corner bolts got either very hot or I was getting a shock. Today I used a multimeter to check for voltage and found none on either the sink or screws. They did appear to get quite hot rather quickly. I tried to use an IR thermometer and a needle probe digital kitchen thermometer to see how hot these parts were. The IR did not pick up much temperature rise and the digital thermometer was scrambled by the emissions. I turned off the coil and the thermometer regained its mind. Holding the thermal probe tip against the bolt the thermometer reading did slowly rise and eventually showed the screw was quite hot. While I was running the coil I noticed the fan pulsing. The fan speed was fluctuating but basically running. Whatever the heat sink is trying to cool is really hot, likely the cooling system is marginally capable of handling the thermal load. I would be reluctant to leave this device running unattended. Given how the digital thermometer behaved, I am reluctant to try and plug this into my I phone to test the speaker mode.

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