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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bob K.
Fabulous engine

Right out of the box this engine ran like a charm. Very heavy and well built engine. I use 99% alcohol for fuel and it runs super sweet. Makes a very pleasing sound when running, all the linkages and crankshaft components are very mechanical sounding. The whole crankshaft assembly is very tight, enough tolerance for easy rotation of the parts, yet tight enough so there is no lateral play. The brackets to hold the fuel tanks are also integral to the mount, very clever! Absolutely fascinating to watch this engine run. I dont think this could be built any better! Everyone should own one of these! Fascinating!

Mari Engelbrecht
V4 Vacuum Engine

Product are promptly and on time. Product not well put together. Cylinder head and most of crank shaft crub screws were loose. Ask repeatedly for instructions to show cam shaft setup positions, but received photos of two positions only...in Chinese. Had to trail and error...engine now running, but still not correctly.

A. P.
Nice Engine !

Try cleaning the cylinders/pistons w/ alcohol or acetone and then using a small amount of Powdered Graphite Lubricant.....
Trim the wicks as small as you can to get the engine to Run smoothly but without excessive Overheating.


Csiki Csaba
Best quality

look great.

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