$799 Gasoline-only TOYAN V8 Engine | EngineDIY

$799 Gasoline-only TOYAN V8 Engine | EngineDIY

TOYAN at the 22nd China International Model Expo
HOBBY EXPO CHINA 2024 4.19~21

Bringing a design that subverts the V8 internal combustion engine, with a new internal structure, bold design, and attractive price

This is the first time you have seen TOYAN’s new V8
Not the final model yet
But EngineDIY is sure this is a $799 gasoline V8 engine

Different exhaust pipes, different pulleys, and many, many more

There is also a single-cylinder gasoline engine priced at US$99, which is TOYAN’s most sincere price.

Will you pay for it?


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Enrico D. R. - May 23, 2024

Quando verrà messo in vendita?

Edward C Lozon - May 9, 2024
When will this be available and how do I buy this…
Urs Mettler - May 5, 2024

A very nice engine. Please let me know when the engine is for sale. I will gladly pay 799 for the engine

Alan - May 4, 2024
I want one too!
Michael Dunner - April 23, 2024
Connect me when the engine is ready for purchase please.
Thomas PCGURU ENGINES - April 22, 2024
That is very, very tempting. And they have plenty of experience to learn from. Interesting
John Chang - April 22, 2024

Yes, I want one. How do I pay or sign up?

Gilbert Syverson - April 22, 2024
I need one. I hope the headers are an option and we will see some other add ons like a blower.
Mike Hoeptner - April 21, 2024
I’ll buy at least 1
Thomas Hansen - April 21, 2024
Sign me for one

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