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Are you ready to seize new opportunities and conquer challenges in the market of little engine models?

Whether you are a dealer, distributor, reseller, agent, wholesaler, or drop shipping, you choose the best approach to help grow your business!

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EngineDIY is expanding its dealer network and inviting passionate individuals or companies to join hands with us in this exciting journey.

We are dedicated to offering full support and services, encompassing supply chain assistance, product details, wholesale pricing, marketing insights, after-sales support, and etc.

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About EngineDIY

EngineDIY, founded in 2009, mainly specializes in small engine models and DIY models. We are an R&D, production, and sales of integrated international trade company.

Our purpose is to inspire a lifelong love of learning through educational products, tech, unique hobbies, and innovations.

Today, our business is gradually expanding and we look forward to serving the world and discussing and exploring the world of engines and models together.


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Product Support

  • High-quality products with diverse selections.
  • Customization options to meet unique needs.
  • Comprehensive product training and technical assistance.

Marketing Support

  • Marketing materials and promotional assistance.
  • Branding support to enhance market visibility.
  • Guidance on marketing strategies and sales planning.

Service Support

  • Supply chain management and logistics support.
  • Assistance in customer relationship management.
  • Responsive customer service and after-sales support.

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