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One of a kind, non compressing, 3 stroke engine.

I added a three way valve to the fuel line and was able to adjust the mixture perfectly. Check out the video. If you like odd gas engines, this is one of the best odd-ball engines you can get, ready to run out of the box.

Retrol HM-01 Hit and Miss engine.

This was the first model engine I have built and I’m delighted to say everything went together beautifully. The components are well made and apart from removing a few burrs here and there they all assembled just perfectly. I picked up a few tips from the experts on YouTube along the way and enjoyed the challenge of getting the ignition timing just right. I have found lighter fuel (Shellite in Australia) mixed 40:1 with 2 stroke oil much cleaner burning than petrol and oil mixed at 25:1 as recommended in the instructions. Easier to start as well. I would like to see a battery box supplied with the ignition set and details of the batteries required. Also as others have mentioned, a longer HT lead to the spark plug is needed. Altogether though a beautiful well made engine that I really enjoyed building. Any suggestions what to build next?


Very nicely made engine, it looks fantastic and runs well

ENJOMOR V12 Engine GS-V12

I received my Enjomor V12 Engine GS-V12 approximately two weeks ago as expected after pre order in December as usual ENGINEDIY were excellent in both processing my order and in dispatch. After an approximate two week delay on the promised delivery, which I totally expected being pre order and the time of year, the unit arrived in a well packaged box that contained a plastic storage box for the engine, not quite as classy as the V8 wooden box of the V8, but the engine will probably never be put in it especially when the accessories are mounted. The accessories for the engine comprised of a set of 3D printed black painted extractors, headers to our US friends, gaskets and bolts for the same ans a separate water pump complete with bolts brackets and belt. Besides these ENGINEDIY had had a special offer of a starter package which was essentially the V8 package started kit basic but contains some things needed. The engine looks great and I an very happy with it. It is well machined and assembled and appears well designed with some of the features like four valve heads and twin distributors, I would have thought twin, like the V8, or even triple carburettors would have been a more exotic touch but possibly harder to set up. I will let you know more on quality, fits and design when I disassemble some parts and suspect like the V8 it will require some minor re-engineering and hand fitting to make it more bullet proof. I will get to this when work and time allows but I can tell you I am very happy with and applaud what they have produced as they have done a great job. I have looked at the V8 factory base and will possibly look at mounting the V12 on one of these as some dimensions work well, so the V8 and V12 look like a set, I will be looking for some pricing from ENGINEDIY as they are always great to deal with, again thanks Lucas. I think the base will work well with some modifications and additions. I have not started either engine due to work constraints but have started some CAD design in documenting parts for the future if needed but also to improve the induction to better direct induction, using individual carburettors or possibly even fuel injection but the making of the prototypes will be a way off at this stage. If you are considering buying one of these V12's or the V8 don't hesitate as they are great quality and value that they or you can improve even further given the time. As for ENGINEDIY excellent as usual and highly recommended.

The result is very nice, some parts are complicated to assemble, but it can be done with patience :D
Unfortunately 3 pieces were missing to finish it, but they told me that they will send them. 🙂

Desk Top Mini Tesla Coil

Performance is huge for the size of this device. The arcs are greater than 6 inches (15cm), this is far in excess of what I expected. Good job.

Awesome little motor

I first saw this engine on Youtube and decided to get it. I got it for my birthday last month and built it up right away. I ordered everything needed for startup and was ready to go. Turned out more amazing then expected. Very good Sound and fast startup compared to usual 2 stroke nitro Motors wich I used before. It was one of the Most amazing Things I have built. Right kow I am preparing it to built it in an rc car. I am considering buyin other toyan engines too cause they are a lot more fun and amazing then usual 2 stroke.

The best Turbine Model available

Fast delivery and the parts are very well packed.

The instruction manual with step by step instruction makes the assembling easy and I could spend a couple of hours working on the model.
The parts are very well designed and beautiful in shape and details.
Only the plastic parts (needed for the see through parts) aren’t that exact and needed a bit of trim.

A well designed Model with a very high quality standard

Greetings Patrick

Impressive to say the least.

It's much bigger then expected. About 75% of a beverage can. Yes there are a few minor scratches but will work perfectly in my needed application. The fuel level markings would of been better if they were in Black as it would have better contrast on the Silver than the White numbering.
It will be used in a shop diorama setting with a running Emojor Hit and Miss engine and G Scale railroad workman figures.
Runtime on this engine with full tank works out to be just over 7 hours!! Too cool.
When I need a fuel tank for other projects, will definitely order again.
Thank you.

This module does not fit my Toyan FS/S100a
1/10 scale model RC car

My RC car sxc10 modified

Hi, I've just received my toy!! Incredible!! 4 days shipping time! Wow! DHL is the best!

You're the best!

I'm very happy! Thank you so much!😁

Very real Turbofan Engine

I was fun to assemble this engine parts are very precise and well designed. The manual is very clear. It took me like 40 hours to assembled. In resume this a very good engine to teach the basics of how a Turbafan engine works. I highly recommend this product. I had to make a few filing on the low compressor blades due to rubbing with the stator case.

Very nice

Very nice little . engine waiting for the delivery of some batteries solder and connectors

Retrol HM01

As my son was 10 years old and really wanted to build a machine himself, having watched and participated with his father for a long time, I bought the HM 01 kit and let him build the machine according to his own ideas without any help.
Here is the result.

Turbofan Jet Engine


This is my 4th set of EngineDIY projects I have built out and I believe this is the best one yet! My past projects, the 5 Cylinder Rotary Engine, the V8 Flat Plane Crankshaft Engine and the WS15 Jet Engine, all were a pleasure to build out. All remain displayed in my home and visitors enjoy looking at them and especially watching them "run" via the rechargeable batteries.

What I enjoyed the most about the Turbofan engine assembly was the precision fit of all the parts. There was no need to file or deburr any of the parts to get them to fit properly. Screws and threads were perfect and there was never any need to re-tap any holes. The instruction book was well done with very clean illustrations that were easy to follow.

Here is a photograph of the completed model. The display case will be next to build which will take around 8 weeks.

I look forward to the next project from these folks!

All the Best,

Stephen Boon

charming and suggestive

The Stirling engine model kit arrived in a pristine box, every piece well wrapped. The parts were well-built and fitted easily in place. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. It took less than two hours to build the model, but another one was needed to find out the fine regulations that made it work. These regulations helped in understanding its functioning.
When it started to twirl and move, the magic began: it was almost hypnotic to watch and it was very satisfying to see how a faint flame was converted into electricity.
A very enjoyable gift.

Good, but could be better

In general, the product is good but not as perfect as I thought it would be for such a price!
Yes the lubricating oil was missing, but I understand shipping such product can be a matter... no problem I bought my own lubricating oil.

The problem I encountered was with the Spark plugs... I managed to install properly 2 of them, 5 of them I could screw half way but I had to file them prior being able to... and 1 broke in my hand!
Such a shame for such a price!
I got really bummed by that.

Fortunately, the rest of the mounting when nicely and the final product is good.

Enjoyable hobby

I could finish yesterday finally. It took only 7-8 hours due to after my ordinary work i have to do it in the evenings. I even couldn't understand how the time passed so fast. It's really too enjoyable. When you see the result at the end of all components are assemblied, it really makes happy. Happy to order it. Thank you for all people who created such a good work.

Great little engine. Two minor issues, the spark plug lead is too short for the sled. Yes, it did fit but stretched that made the install wrong and unreliable. I inserted an extension of about 2 niches that fixed the problem. The second issue was the counter-weight flywheel auto centering shim. It did not grip the crank shaft. Again, I needed to add a filling shim to obtain correct grip on the shaft. This is my first model engine, it is great. Runs very nicely and has become a talking piece within the family. I would recommend this little engine, albeit with some minor issues.
regards, Trevor Bright.

Super kleiner Verdampfermotor

Sehr detaillierter und qualitativ hochwertiger Motor. Sehr gut verpackt und sehr schnelle Lieferung.

First HM-01

Works very well, compact and durable. It would have been 5 stars if the high-tension spark plug cable was just 5cm longer.

First HM-01

This is my first model engine. It is easy to be critical, that's not my intention. Slightly disappointed, several issues... 1. The high-tension spark plug lead was too short for the sled. I needed to cut and join a section in the middle, under the sled. 2. The auto centering shim on the governor flywheel did not grip the crankshaft. I needed to pack the shim to gain enough pressure to finally grip the shaft. 3. The glass oil cup for the piston leaks at the joint to the block. It needs a seal. I fixed it with thread tape. 4. The crankshaft counterbalance weights were poorly finish. They needed fine filing to remove excess metal from the edge. It is running and a joy to watch. As I say this is my first model engine, maybe these issues are normal...? Trevor.

Great little engine.

Went together easily, although the instructions weren't that great. Runs great and I love the lights.

Nice fish

A fast shipping , looking really nice and heavy so its a 5☆


Perfect size , looking great ! Got to costumise one eye because one of the metal part was not sharp but easy to fix with a metal file. Also the shipping was fast ! 5☆