GS-DK01 Single Cylinder Four Stroke Gasoline Model Engine Coming today | EngineDIY

GS-DK01 Single Cylinder Four Stroke Gasoline Model Engine Coming today | EngineDIY

01 Product Introduction
02 Operation Steps
03 Basic Maintenance
04 Troubleshooting
05 After-Sales Service

01 Product Introduction

The engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine (can be converted into a nitrol engine)

Two gas rings, strong cylinder pressure

The hand pull rope provides you with a simple starting method, without the need for external auxiliary equipment.

Mixed fuel (gasoline and engine oil mixing ratio is 25:1)

Basic parameters

Maximum speed 14000 rpm
Maximum power: 0.5kw
Starting method: hand-pull start
Piston cylinder diameter: 23mm
Crankshaft stroke: 23mm
Weight: 630 g
Bare engine size: about 110*93*120mm
Fuel: mixed oil (gasoline and engine oil mixture ratio is 25:1)
Ignition voltage: 10-12v

02 Operation Steps

Ready to fire up

1. Connect the ignition circuit
2. Connect the carburetor oil pipe
3. Pull the handle to block the carburetor air inlet and pump the mixed oil into the carburetor.



 Precautions for using the engine

1. This engine is only suitable for adults over 18 years old!

2. This engine uses pure gasoline as fuel and has a high speed, which is dangerous. Please operate it strictly in accordance with the instructions!

3. The fuel must be clean, and at the same time, be careful to keep the fuel away from fire! If there are too many impurities in the fuel, it will block the carburetor oil channel and reduce the performance of the engine.

4. Do not put your hands or other objects close to the engine pulley and flywheel during engine operation, otherwise it may cause human injury and increase the risk of machine damage!

5. If the engine does not operate normally, do not force it to start, check the machine immediately, or contact after-sales, otherwise it will increase the risk of machine damage!

6. The engine will produce a certain amount of noise and exhaust gas when it is running, please try to operate it in an open place outdoors!

7. Please regularly maintain the engine, change the oil, clean the oil channel, and check the wearing parts. It will significantly increase its operating life.

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