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This upgrade mainly focuses on the completeness of the details of the TECHING Mini Inline Four-Cylinder Car Engine and the eye-catching appearance, and also adds a few elements of the Nissan SR20 engine.

Origin of the story: The birth of the four-cylinder engine; In 1894, Maybach and Paul Daimler completed the development and design of an inline four-cylinder engine. The cylinder blocks were all cast and used the carburetor that Maybach had just obtained in 1893. At the end of the 19th century, this inline four-cylinder engine from Maybach was indispensable in almost all excellent cars in the world. This achievement was accomplished shortly after Maybach and Paul Daimler were kicked out of the company and started anew;


Released the first Mini L4 engine model
It has received a lot of love and appreciation. It is a classic style and brings us different confidence.


TECHING upgrades to plastic crankshaft version for the second time


TECHING third upgrade with different colors

In 1913, Jules Goux won the Indianapolis 500 in a Peugeot. The engine of this racing car is an inline four-cylinder engine designed by Ernest Henry. This design featured the first use of overhead twin cams and four valves per cycle, making it deeply influential as a racing engine. It remains the structural standard for inline four-cylinder engines used in racing cars to this day.


TECHING’s fourth upgrade, once again improving details, adding exhaust pipes, and various designs of L4 engines
While each product has its own independent function and structure, the product can be upgraded, combined, and transformed into a power system through designated kits or DIY modifications.

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