1948 Harley-Davidson Pan Head V-Twin Engine Model

1948 Harley-Davidson Pan Head V-Twin Engine Model | EngineDIY

After World War II ended in 1948, motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly returned to their sport. Harley introduced a new 1200CC engine, which uses a new hydraulic valve lifter technology, the top of the cylinder resembles a disc, and the famous "pan head" engine was born. That year, 31,163 motorcycles were produced.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle four-stroke V-twin 1200cc engine with nine compression ratio. Small bore, long stroke design. The most classic is the OHV overhead valve, which uses the ejector rod "chopsticks" to lift the valve. As seen from the right side of the engine, there are four plated rods arranged up and down. This design has long been eliminated by other manufacturers, but Harley Davidson still adopts this structure in the 1990s, and has become Harley's unique symbol.

Since its birth, Harley-Davidson has been designed to be imposing and tall. Its exhaust sound is another feature of it. As long as you start the engine, you can hear its thunder-like sound. If the motorcycles of other manufacturers have such high noise, the user will definitely not accept the goods. And only Harley fans are proud of it.

This highly realistic V-Twin engine model pays homage to the Harley-Davidson Panhead. Whether it is collected as a static model or applied to a Motorcycle model, it is not inferior at all. Let's hear how it sounds.

Here are some friends who have already received this V2 engine model and love it!

Yes, that is my 1948 Pan Head 馃槂 That was the reason I wanted the small engine! It is absolutely beautiful made and I am very happy with it!

@Joe Scherhaufer

Pan head bobber

Nice looking runs like a full size one


High quality craftmanship

I received it.
I have modified the V2 engine to a 1/4 scale motorcycle DeAgostini Diego Harley FatBoy

@William 聽 聽

聽Nice little engine

Very good workmanship and it works perfectly out of the box. The only thing I struggle with is to get very low idle speed like the horseshoe sound. Enginediy, what exactly do we have to do to get this? Thank you for this great engine.

@Seb 聽 聽

MANY THANKS for this amazing engine

Without the Chinese model enthusiast CISON who brought this to market, I wouldn't have this model.
I love it...it's pretty well made (9/10) starts easily with lots of priming and sounds AMAZING. I took time to build adjustable rubber mounts so it twists a little when I rev it. Check out the few cosmetic tweaks - chrome flywheel cover, generator, key ignition. Overall 10/10 聽MANY THANKS CISON!

@Thomas McGrath

聽Custom base and exhaust

New custom aluminum engine cradle (mounted with 1/4" rubber to the base) and polished stainless steel exhaust.

The engine is absolutely perfect!!!! The new black cylinder version is way more appealing than the silver model (in my opinion) and is more true to the original Harley panhead engine.

@David Rau

And there are different combinations of the engine with base and other parts, which one do you prefer? Welcome to share with us more of the engines you build or collect!

聽We can also install an air filter on this little Panhead engine.

Know more about this v-twin engine here: https://bit.ly/3AQtyaW
Thanks for all friend!

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