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So fun

The person I got this for loved it. We had so much fun watching it, trying different things to sit on it to see how it went. Great little gadget.

Best entry level rc hydraulic excavator

check out the video. YouTube video placeholder
Emjomor 36cc

I forgot to add this to my first review and I don't see a way to edit. I noticed the oil fill cap was not square so I threaded a long 5mm bolt through the valve cover and took this picture. It's hard to imagine how it got this far off true. I have a machine shop so I will bore out the hole and rethread for a bigger cap.

Enjomor 36cc engine

I finally got around to looking at this engine. First thing I wanted to do is take off the valve cover and oil pan and see what it looked like inside. l should mention now that I am a certified aircraft airframe and engine mechanic. Let me say that overall, I see a lot of potential in the design and execution. There are definitely some quality control issue still to be addressed though. For example, the engine had a significant amount of contamination/metal dust/residue under the valve cover and also in the crank chamber. I put the engine in a pan and hosed it out with kerosine to flush. Then, while checking the valve clearance adjustments (they were pretty good) I found an extra valve rocker spacer (the little brass tubes) rolling around under the rocker shafts. Not a good sign, Enjomor.

I've got the engine mounted to a stand and am getting ready to run it. I will write more later. Let me say this: I knew going in this was a project for and experienced and knowledgeable person and I was correct. Do not expect to get a turn-key engine. Also, obviously I have no idea how the engine will hold up in service. I'll let you know more later.

MANY THANKS for this amazing engine

Without the Chinese model enthusiast CISON who brought this to market, I wouldn't have this model.
I love's pretty well made (9/10) starts easily with lots of priming and sounds AMAZING. I took time to build adjustable rubber mounts so it twists a little when I rev it. Check out the few cosmetic tweaks - chrome flywheel cover, generator, key ignition. Overall 10/10 MANY THANKS CISON! YouTube video placeholder
Ein must have für jeden Motor-Enthusiasten

Der Motor kam sehr gut verpackt nach guten 2 Wochen bei mir an. Es ist bereits alles vormontiert und voreingestellt, der Motor lief bei mir out of the box sehr gut! Die Verarbeitungsqualität für den Preis ist echt irre, hat mich sehr begeistert. Er lässt sich super einfach mit dem Seilzug starten, der Starter für den Akkuschrauber ist meiner Meinung nach nicht nötig. Für einen etwas leiseren Sound habe ich bei mir den Auspuff etwas verlängert. Gefällt mir jetzt optisch besser und der Klang ist super! YouTube video placeholder
Great kit for the price

This kit is a great starting point. I wanted to modify it a bit, so I stripped off the anodizing and polished and painted most of the parts.
Thanks to the advise here - - I was able to glue the gear train together to remove the slipping.
I added a bit of plastic liner in between some of the loose pivot points to remove more slop and replaced the plastic fill tube with some aluminum tubing.
I made a custom wooden base as well.

Enjomor Hit and Miss is a must-buy for Hit and Miss enthusiasts

Really careful construction with brass sleeve bearings and all moving parts well-fitting, great period looks with castings and paint, solid, mechanical ignition. Looks great beside previous Chinese hit and miss engines - in the same scale. Benefits from wear-in. Best packaging I've ever seen...Check out my unboxing vid at Thomas PCGuru Engines channel on youtube, and I'll post updates as I tweak it :) 10/10 YouTube video placeholder
Great little kit.

I bought this kit, to assemble on a YouTube live stream. Before hand I had painted it up. Assembly was easy enough, a bit fiddly for my big fingers at some of the stages, and I had to use a magnifying glass to read the instructions (that might be my eyes). But it went together and ran straight away. Quite chuffed with it, and for the price a good bit of fun.

Perfect Harley Davidson mini V twin engine.

My little Cison 9 cc, V-twin came in a couple days ago. It came beautifully packed and the workmanship is beautiful too.

Really nice truck I love it.

This is a really good deal and the performance on it is good. Fast shipping.

Good product

Im a homeschooling mama of 5, and This seemed like a cool product for a shop project when the kids didnt want to work in the real shop since its still so hot out. I had my older 2 boys start to put it together. They are 14 and 16 and love to work with real tools in a real shop. They thought it looked nerdy, but I thought it would be a great way for them to learn the inner workings of an engine. Besides the fact that its not a combustion engine(obviously, cause its plastic!) it seems to operate like a real engine.

Très bon moteur

Tout comme le 4 cylindres, j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir faire votre V8, fabrication trs soigne et joli.
Rien de compliqu dans le montage mme sans notice fran?aise, pour ma part j'ai modifi quelques
dtails, feutrine sur les soupapes pour voir mieux l'ouverture, cot filtre bloc moteur agrandi une
ouverture pour voir rellement la bielle en mouvement.
J'ai aussi trouv bon de crer l'allumage, delco et fils de bougies, en dsignant les cylindres droits,
1-3-5-7 l'ordre d'allumage est sur votre moteur, 1-4-5-2-7-6-3-8 si je ne me trompe pas.
Voil pour mes commentaires, trs beau moteur une fois fini et, j'espre un jour le 6 cylindres
en ligne.

Nice Engine!

I tested it,it's very perfect.
It is great really nice and start-up is also very good.

Great but finicky carburetor

Fun to assemble but found the carburetor very touchy and inconsistent. My son built a beautiful cherry wood box and mount, so it looks great!

Interesting Toy

Pretty typical Chinese export product. Product resembles description but lower in quality and performance than advertised. Used a pressure cooker (15 psi) for max speed, 3.6k rpm. Had to turn to start due to cheaper internal design. Shaft unbalanced due to sanded flat, not machined. Impulse propeller is bend sheet metal and much coarser. Front fan does nothing but create drag. Overall it was a fun toy to run but not enough power to do anything with.

Extremely great and rigid designed engine definitely better than Toyan engines

They shipped my order extremely fast and has great Communication skills. Mounted the engine and started it up right away, runs great and sounds awesome👌🏾🔥

Very cool Stirling engine. I love it.

This Stirling engine took a real long time to come in the mail so when it showed up it was a real nice treat I was excited. Went to use it and it works perfect and spins real fast with very little heat. The only thing I would change us to be able to see the piston inside. I thought it would come like that. But it's still really cool and worth the extra money and the wait. I gave it 4 stars because in my mind 4 is the absolute best and 5 stars is for those rare things that just absolutely blow your mind which are rare. Honestly I would probably give this 4 and a half stars. If I ever have kids I will give it to them. I'll probably order more things from this company someday.

Just Beautiful

This one was a complicated build. You get the hang of it, but it keeps being challenging until you finish. Beautiful result.

High quality craftmanship

I received it.
I have modified the V2 engine to a 1/4 scale motorcycle DeAgostini Diego Harley FatBoy

Works perfectly

Aside from the shipping conditions, the machine worked out of the box. There was no packing material, just the machine in a box. Also included in the box was a bottle opener that was not secured and rattled around in the box and damaged some of the contacts. The company promptly sent me replacement wheels. They were very easy to replace and the machine worked perfectly. Although the directions were loosely translated from Japanese, they were not really needed. I just moved the balls until they were 4cm apart and turned the crank about 5 times and voila! Spark! If you're looking for a Van de Graaff generator, I highly recommend this one. Great customer service. (photo of electrified photo paper)


It works perfectly .
It provides the engine with steady ignition
I enjoy hearing the lower sounds of slow stroke movement.
Thank you for your prompt and safe delivery.

Great innovative products.Fuel tank and filter very well made.Always pleased with items purchased from Engine DIY.