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Quite disappointed when this arrived...everything in a bag with no instructions!!! I have asked for instructions to be emailed. we will see if they respond. I would NOT reccomend buying from here. Not worth the 50$ !!!!!!!

Awesome RC

Very very satisfied with the yikong yk4102pro .
Super cool rig , has everything you need to start cruising around the rocks and such and very easy to upgrade if you like . Extremely recommended it.. picture below I already upgraded lots of stuff

Looks well built

I got mine with glass cracked. Could have been postal service. Looks well built though.

Great working model

Made a few modifications, ie: a power switch and fan with a veneer top on the upper layer.
It works well with copper eggs and orbs as well.

Contento con la compra realuzada

Llegó el pedido en perfectas condiciones y en el tiempo estipulado.


Xtra track useful for train kit that is awesome. Thanks guys!👍👏😊

Tolle Maschine

Als ich diesen Shop entdeckte, musste ich mir unbedingt diesen Stirling-Motor kaufen. Ich habe viel Spaß damit.

Just a little short of magic...

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my grandson (11 years old) who shares my tech-geek genes. Had it shipped to my house first so I could play with it a while before sending it on to him. Loved it and hated to part with it. The Rugrat appears to like it as much as I did.

Awesome locomotive

Very intricate very nice workmanship quality piece I’d like to take it apart and put it together again I had so much fun 👍. Can’t wait till my V-8 engine gets here. Looking forward to it.


I got it for my 6 years old niece. We had so much fun making it and learning together about steam engines. She was so happy and enjoyed the process of building the engine.


Very intricate awesome little four-cylinder motor really cool to put together. This is my second little motor I put together, The first one was a twin cylinder. putting together locomotive next. I tipped these guys and they forgot the grease. Oh well not the end of the world, if that’s my only complaint they did well. Thanks

Love this little engine!

Well made little engine! It does take a little patience to adjust the carburetor properly, but runs very good once broken-in. In the video you can see that it runs nice under a little load placed on it from my fingers! Smoked a little because I had a little too much oil in the crankcase, better to have too much oil than not enough! :) Fun to play with and makes a great display piece!


Awesome little motor had fun putting it together everything fit perfectly awesome craftsmanship a wonderful learning motor.


My son was so excited to get his second combustion engine. He’s shown all his classmates and teachers on zoom as we work from home during pandemic. Great design and quality. Thank you so much!

Hit n miss

Great little motor! Some minor adjustments are required. As far as the right type of fuel goes it needs to be naphta based being 95 octain is race car fuel here in the U.S. so that being said use Colman multi fuel with a dash of marvel mistory oil. For more info google it.

Great little motor but want more from it

Amazing build quality, timing came one tooth off but if you inspect the block as instructed you can notice if anything is off, it shouldn't be and the engine kinda wanted to fire one tooth back but not happily. Should have minor preload on cam when belt is installed. Mine had none. Pether then that, I couldn't be happier.



Excellent, excellent, excellent!

This is my second similar engine, first V4 in blue, now, upgrade version in red!

Fast shipment and quality packaged

Fulfilled by DHL and had it in 5 days here in Michigan (USA), very fast shipment and parcel well packed. Great well made product, after 3hrs assembled and and it ran perfectly.

Very nice kit, just a few rough edges.

Overall this is a fantastic kit, great fit and finish of the parts, well packed. They even provide some basic tools.
On the rough side, the instructions (online) need to be updated to a better parts listing and it really needs a wiring schematic and a tubing layout.
I recommend watching online videos to help fill in the gaps.

Excellent product, despite a few issues...

Even though the case arrived damaged, in several spots, the components were built with amazing quality and craftsmanship. The details on this piece were amazing, and a joy to put together. A few issues were experienced on the build portion of the project, where at least 3 of the screw holes were not drilled out properly and would not accept the particular screw I was trying to put in. After some switching around of screws of the same size, and a little bit of thread seal tape as packing material for the threads, I was able to get it successfully built. The piece functions well, and has a great appearance. The surfaces tend to have a bit of paint/coating wear on the intake and exhaust valves, from the cams, but that will give it a nice worn look to it.

transmission system

This is a nice car for teaching kids about the transmission systems. The whole wevsite is in english, but the instruction book came in chinese language. I did not expect that, but parts number was in english numeric, so I managed to built with picture though I dont know what is the pendrive for since I could not read the descriptions.

I did it!

Flywheel on this engine has no thread! It has a pin. I tried to unscrew it but just need to pull. My bad. :)


Engine is very good! But how to remove this flywheel? It doesn't want to move. I tried to heat this one - doesn't help :(