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Got another one, runs AMAZING!

What an amazing little engine. I bought an m12, however it was faulty. I sent it back and enginediy sent me a m16, with a little camshaft tuning and proper engine knowledge, the engine runs FANTASTIC! I have never had such a reliable running engine before. With enginediy’s tremendous customer service, they got me an amazing running model. Starts up every single time, I’ve put around 13-15 hours of run time on it, and a lot of fuel through it, I’ve fully disassembled it twice, it’s a solid runner. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, this is the ENGINE FOR YOU!

(Ps, I tried painting engine white, I did not prepare pint well enough, however removal was easy. Now back to normal.)

Great quality

I enjoyed putting this anglerfish together. Very complicated it made it challenging which is what I enjoyed most. Turned out beautiful. Excellent quality, worth every penny.

Worth every penny!

Really like this model. It comes with the tools you need. The instructions are good and very simple. It fits my backpack very much!!

Amazing engine!

Reliable, simple, easy to work on. What else could you ask for? For the price it’s a great running engine. Would highly recommend for a low cost engine!


Beautiful product !! It s' nice to build !! And the support is perfect !

Oil Pump Jack model review

Very high quality model. My first I ever built from enginediy. I was impressed with the boxing and the instructions were first notch. The model works well and I get many compliments on it. I highly recommend this model if you love all kinds of machines like I do.

Vintage Engines

I’m very pleased with the ignitions , they work great and the service and delivery was prompt with the goods arriving in good condition thanks.

The best gift from the past

This is he best gift for young & adults alike. I received it very fast from china. I was amazed by the details and finish on this item. Engine DYI is so kind and nice that they sent me a second unit free of charge while first was defected.
If you love this kind of techs then this is the best gift for you. YouTube video placeholder
Nice wasp!!

Very nice puzzle. I like this one. It is very cool final result.

Very cool toy

This device looks and works great. My son will be incredibly happy! :-)

Great Boiler Upgrade

Filling a boiler can be challenging. On both the EngineDIY two-burner ( and four-burner ( boilers, I've found you have to open two fittings, as they are very difficult to fill without venting. The fittings can be tricky; I have stripped a couple of connectors by overtightening.

This pump works well. I have not had any steam or water leaks. Operation is smooth and reliable. Kinda cool to pump your boiler prior to running.

I found the best way to connect to the EngineDIY boilers was with copper tubing. This one ( worked well, although the inner diameter (4mm), which should have fit the pump nipples, was smaller than advertised. This required coring out with a hand drill and a titanium bit - no problem doing this freehand.

The tubing is easy to shape by hand and, most importantly, it will not crease when bent, as this can impede the flow in the tube.

The EngineDIY boilers take an M5 thread. With a 6mm outer diameter, the tube works well with this push-to-connect fitting( Get the tube in the right shape and it slips in with minimal effort. Be sure to get the angles on the tube right; you want the tube to come straight out of the fitting to avoid steam or water leaks.

Once the tubing is cored, you can slip the copper tube over the pump nipples. Be sure you have the water supply and output to boiler oriented correctly. On mine, it was intake on the bottom, output on top. I note, however, that the fitting can rotate so double-check that you've got it the right way around.

Dab a bit of rosin on the nipple and slip on the tube. I used this hand torch ( to heat the tube and fitting, flowing on a small amount of solder.

Finally, you'll need a reservoir. I used this brass cup for my four-burner boiler ( and this copper one for my two-burner boiler (, shown in the photo. Best to leave the reservoirs in place and fill from a water container.

Nice Puzzle

This products are very funny. If you have dexterity and mechanical qualily. The final result is great if you like steampunk design. Thanks for all.

More, if you prepare new set, a big dragon will are very cool.


I’m just wondering if you guys selling motorized bicycle engine kit complete set and how much I cost thanks


Really really nice! Many pieces, some of it in excess as a backup of lost screws or rings. Complex assembly, but very good istruction. Top package. In this type of 3D Puzzle Model I appreciate the integration of electronic circuit. If you have circuits hobby, you can spend some time to link motors to some kind of domotic system😁. Pretty nice effect comes up. Congratulations to people who designed it

Perfect fit!

Works great! No issues. Even came with a piston ring!

Perfect parts!

Fit was perfect! No issues! Even came with a piston ring on it too :).

My favorite RC crawler!

I have several crawlers including a TRX4 and this is by far my favorite! The quality is second to none and the performance is outstanding. There is nothing I need to do to this out-of-the-box for it to be a superb crawler. I highly recommend it. BTW this thing is big!

I’ll definitely be ordering from enginediy again! The shipping was fast, item exactly as presented and response to questions very prompt! An excellent online shopping experience and great product!!

Great Design!

Easy to assemble, very high quality parts and works great!

Huina 1593 Excavator

Very powerful machine! Authentic look with the fine detail. Handles like the real thing. I love the color and the attachments it come with. Shipping was fast and awesome customer service.

customer service and craftmanship

I can honestly say that when it comes to customer service and this particular product when I had a problem they offered A+ service. Very pleasent to work with and always responded very quickly to patron concerns. As for the durability and Craftsmanship of the product I was satisfied for the price! I would be willing to pay more for better insulation circuite board

A Great Build

The V8 engine model arrived in great condition and very well packed in the traditional, Teching, classy tin box. The instruction manual was in English and very well presented. The engine constructed beautifully, as expected of all Teching models. I thoroughly recommend this model. Those of us who enjoy mechanical model construction will be delighted.

Toyan L400

Fun little engine to put together, lot of mods can be done. Lacking power and RPM compared to a nitro 2 stroke.

one problem

The (011) motor connection line is 1" short or the starter motor line is 1" short. Couldn't connect the line. Had to make a new line.

nice complete model

really complete engine, with oil pump and water pump .. really realistic .. excellent kit with starter motor but you have to be an expert to install it .. pleasant sound.. I added a muffler to reduce oil residues in the exhaust .. it works pretty well

Amazing engine!

Forget my other review. I had a defective carburetor on my engine, within 12 days, engine diy send me a new carburetor and ignition unit. They got it here fast! And they care about their customers! With the new carburetor and ignition, my little engine runs amazing! It idles perfect, and loves to rev up every once and a while. This engine doesn’t like to stay at full throttle. Obviously the small carburetor can’t handle constant throttle, and with the long stroke, however it does run very nice. Every carburetor is different. So that was just mine. Anyways this engine really is great. A bit of choke and priming, and the thing just goes! Runs great. I’m a very, satisfied customer!