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Enjoyable hobby

I could finish yesterday finally. It took only 7-8 hours due to after my ordinary work i have to do it in the evenings. I even couldn't understand how the time passed so fast. It's really too enjoyable. When you see the result at the end of all components are assemblied, it really makes happy. Happy to order it. Thank you for all people who created such a good work.

Great little engine. Two minor issues, the spark plug lead is too short for the sled. Yes, it did fit but stretched that made the install wrong and unreliable. I inserted an extension of about 2 niches that fixed the problem. The second issue was the counter-weight flywheel auto centering shim. It did not grip the crank shaft. Again, I needed to add a filling shim to obtain correct grip on the shaft. This is my first model engine, it is great. Runs very nicely and has become a talking piece within the family. I would recommend this little engine, albeit with some minor issues.
regards, Trevor Bright.

Awesome little V-twin

I bought this engine because it is a replica of the evolution engine in my 94 Harley Softail. When I first got it out of the box I couldn't believe the exact details and how much it looks like the real evo engine. It didn't take long to get it running and it sounds really cool. I have it on display with my other Harley collectibles.

Super kleiner Verdampfermotor

Sehr detaillierter und qualitativ hochwertiger Motor. Sehr gut verpackt und sehr schnelle Lieferung.

First HM-01

Works very well, compact and durable. It would have been 5 stars if the high-tension spark plug cable was just 5cm longer.

First HM-01

This is my first model engine. It is easy to be critical, that's not my intention. Slightly disappointed, several issues... 1. The high-tension spark plug lead was too short for the sled. I needed to cut and join a section in the middle, under the sled. 2. The auto centering shim on the governor flywheel did not grip the crankshaft. I needed to pack the shim to gain enough pressure to finally grip the shaft. 3. The glass oil cup for the piston leaks at the joint to the block. It needs a seal. I fixed it with thread tape. 4. The crankshaft counterbalance weights were poorly finish. They needed fine filing to remove excess metal from the edge. It is running and a joy to watch. As I say this is my first model engine, maybe these issues are normal...? Trevor.

Great little engine.

Went together easily, although the instructions weren't that great. Runs great and I love the lights.

Nice fish

A fast shipping , looking really nice and heavy so its a 5☆


Perfect size , looking great ! Got to costumise one eye because one of the metal part was not sharp but easy to fix with a metal file. Also the shipping was fast ! 5☆

Such a fun build.

Instructions very good. Pics super clear. 3 hour build. Loved the quality. Top notch model. Highly recommend. Started up easily and ran smooth.

Awesome product!!

Fast delivery for the distance to ontario canada, arrived in perfect condition, the car started up no problem, still breaking it in, will definitely be buying another model!

Good Product

This product arrived a day or two after I went on vacation. I opened up the box and everything looked like it there there except the thumb drive, but there were instructions for assembly on a QR code. I wish there was a manual that you could just download to your computer. So far I'm just detailing the engine to match my builds color scheme so I don't know how the parts will fit. I also wish they would have included a small screwdriver for assembly. I bought a set and so far the Phillips screw driver size is a 000.


I assembled the kit successfully, but I can't make the steam engine work. I got steam OK with enough pressure to have steam escaping from the condensate drain, But I can't make the pressure push the piston up. The flywheel turns freely and smoothly.. Help?

Beautiful Stirling Engine, High quality and fast delivery

Love this stirling Engine, beautiful and quality made, works perfect, also with Gas Lighter. Ideal for showing kids how physics works. Highly Reccomended !


It’s like a piece of art that you have to put together. I love it so much. Not done yet, have to put the rest of case bolts in. Took me about 15 - 20 hours. But who’s counting I could not stop working on it. Had to do some very minor polishing to get main drive shaft to mesh with gears to run smooth. Other than that the instructions are great. And customer service was excellent. I thought a piece was missing. They replied quickly explaining the piece was already attached to another part.

Five star review

From the moment I ordered this model engine, I was kept informed through the tracking feature all the way to arrival.
It was perfectly packed and in excellent condition. All the 3D printed parts of the model were flawless fitted together precisely. The finished model looks and functions perfectly through the small electro motor. A joy to display this model with all others.
Thank you ENGINEDIY.

Customer service needs improvement…

Contacted service by email 1/09/24 to make claim for a broken glass in the fuel tank which is part of the base kit. Start-up of engine is waiting on this part. As of 2/02/24, I received the 3rd email that states “it’s on the way”, I keep being told it’s on the way, and it’s NOT getting here. I also had missing 8mm x 1mm O-rings from the engine kit that I requested replacement of, but considering the current issues, I just found them on Amazon and bought them myself.

Full Metal Inline 4-Cylinder Engine Model great product

The 4 cylinder engine model is really great, instructions are clear, good quality and fully functional.

5 cylinder rotary engine

I thoroughly enjoyed assembling the model. It was very well thought out and organized with great instructions that were easy to follow. It went together perfectly and was working properly upon completion. It now resides on my fireplace mantel and looks great.

Nice product

Very well made , would be awesome if it was water cooled, but the fan really keeps it cooled, runs very well, starts in one hit on button, can't wait to see if there will be opportunities to upgrade it, wasn't hard to put together, instruction book was well illustrated, I'm looking at setting up a youth program to teach young teens in skills to build and understand small engines, to maybe rc builds.

Harley Davidson Model Engine DIY Enthusiasist

As a Harley Davidson enthusiasist, I was originally very amazed at the extraordinary detail of the model engines that enginediy builds. After looking at youtube videos I couldn’t wait to own one for myself and display it! After receiving my order, I was not disappointed in my Christmas gift. I ordered a base and oil tank as accessories. The assembly instructions were not good but being mechanically inclined, I figured everything out. The engine is a pleasure to play with and just display it as a conversation piece. Engine diy invested an incredible amount of skill to these models. I am so impressed with the workmanship, I plan to buy the Toyan V8. Customer service is a plus via email. They helped me resolve a minor ignition problem in a timely manner. As an American consumer, I highly recommend this company to friends and other model engine enthusiast! Buy with confidence - you’ll love yourself for it! YouTube video placeholder
Beautiful Bluetooth Singing Tesla Coil

After 10 days, I got very good protected package with this Tesla coil: Perfect toy, no only for kids but also for engineers, like me :) , works perfect as described. Amazing, would reccomend.

Give it a breather!

A really nice addition to the engine! It wouldn’t hurt to make it a little bit smaller for this particular carburetor because it hits the throttle lever if you push it up all the way. It’s a beauty!

High Quality Hit and Miss Model HM-01

I admit, I was a little skeptical at first ! I wondered if the Model I received would look like the one on
The Website ! After talking to a few friends I decided to order one!! I am 100 % glad I did!! These are very well made, highly detailed engines! They were packed very well, arrived safely !!
Probably one of nicest small hit and miss models I have seen for sale online! Mine arrived safely, very well packed! I am looking forward to putting some gas in mine and running it soon! I have received great customer service from this company and would definitely purchase products from them again! I included a picture of mine on the skid before i fastened it or the fuel tank down!