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Parts for a Totan FS L200 and FS l200AC/OC Engines

I had ordered a timing belt pully and a mini pinch roller for a Toyan FS L200 engine.Recieved both parts on time an in good condition. I would like to see Toyan make more parts available for sale for their FS L200 and FS L200 AC/OT engines. Parts like the seals for the camshaft and crankshaft, retainers for the valves and Body bearing block for the mini pinch roller. I have one of my engines I cannot run because I cannot get a body bearing block for the pinch roller I just bought. Toyan makes a bearing body block for the fan but not the pinch roller. In the picture I sent with this review is a bearing block for the fan. I have sent a request to Mona about a month ago along with the same picture to show what I needed Since Toyan does not have a part number for pinch roller bearing block I sent the picture for the bearing block for the fan. If you could help me, I would bo most thankful. I sure would like to get my engine back together and run it. Thank you again Max

I’m very impressed

This unit is very heavy and seems to par from just unboxing. The videos online don’t do this unit any justice at all. The seller was very prompt on his replies and very upfront and generous. Ordered unit on 1-12-2023 received today 1-19-2023 one day after said time it’d be here. Not mad at all to come from halfway around the world and I can’t even get local mail sooner than that sometimes. I haven’t operated it yet but will come and give second review once I do. This is steps above the huina 1592 I bought myself for Christmas. As of now you have one very extremely happy customer who will in the future but again soon. I have my eye on the Double E E111-003 1:14 2.4G RC Hydraulic Excavator and HUINA KABOLITE K966 1/16 Hydraulic RC Loader.

Again thanks for great customer service and prompt replies on my order.

This morning I operated this gem and I’m very impressed with the digging power. I should’ve bought this as my first unit but I had to experiment first and mess up three cheaper units before I jumped and made the move to this one. Great unit and again very satisfied with my purchase. It’s also very heavy and the Diecast master 1/16 semi tractor and lowboy trailer can barely handle the 20 pounds of weight. Again happy happy happy with this purchase.

Great V2

Here is my V2 which I have made a few modifications.. ported the exhaust ports.. added an extra shim on heads.. bigger bore stainless exhausts.. made custom engine mount with damping.. these are great engines from Cison.. perfectly usable as standard but I like to modify.. I'm in the process of making a variable advance retard ignition system.. run in on part synthetic 2T for 5 tanks now running on fully on less ratio.. I can highly recommend this engine.. big thumbs up!! Thanks Enginediy..


Отличный товар! Покупал на подарок брату, брату 30 лет. Остался в восторге. Качество супер, сборка впечатляет.
Доставили быстро, хорошо упаковали. (Заказывал в Россию).
Маленький нюанс: шестерни на клешнях немного не совпадают из-за чего плохо функционируют, т.к. нет зацепа. В остальном все отлично.

Fun and a good challenge

Received the package quickly and it was packaged nicely. The parts were made perfectly and fit with no alignment issues. Only issue, i was missing the oil.

Amazing little tractor, hardly a toy!

So beautifully constructed and it starts and runs flawlessly. Arrived in perfect condition. Its a great addition to my mini-engine collection. I thought it would look even better with matching silver wheels, so I disassembled and painted the rims of the rear wheels. I think it looks even better than stock now.

Awesome in every way!

I bought this engine for my 11 year old son’s Christmas present for us to assemble together & his words: “the best present I’ve ever got” sums it up perfectly! The build quality of this little engine’s unbelievable & the assembly was very straight forward with easy to follow instructions found on the website.
I highly recommend this engine & the customer service I received when asking questions prior to purchasing this engine was fantastic!

realistic model

high quality model of a diesel engine. Realistic movemnet of the pistons and the valvetrain.
Takes a while to put it together because of a number of tiny parts. But with help of the clear manual it is no problem. Comes with a USB cable to charge the battery.

Green Scorpion

Fun model. Spent about 7 hrs building away on this, had a couple of small hiccups, but very pleased with the end result.

my first ever engine kit

To begin with, I'm really impressed with the quality of the parts for this engine. I enjoyed putting it together as I learnt more about engine basics. Very satisfying experience. I would say instructions needs bit more clarity but there are few YouTube videos to help. I also got the starter pack with it, had problems with glow plugs but was sent a new set. Worth the price and it's quite fun. Note to add high temperture grease to the camshaft

Glow driver

Rated at 3 amp max, glow plugs are higher.
So can fail any time.

Easly blow and a waste of money the bigger dc to dc converter is much better.

Kick your Pan !

I´ve order the Kick start Set and really its great offer to the Pan and in future to the Shovel too. But , I have change the wheels . It have to look like in reallity. The small sprocket is fix on crankshaft of Engine in front and at the gearBox fix the Flywheel , screwed together with the one way Bearing in the second sprocket . So it looks better runs like original Harley Pan with open primary and works!. The chain is whipping but so it is. I hope the bearings and the chain are strong enough to hold the punches. Look Pics , see the Vids .
Build and customize it. A. Spaeth

L4 Diesel Engine Model Kit that Works Build Your Own Diesel Engine - TECHING 1

Très beau model, je ne vais pas trop vite à le monter. Petite observation, page 13 du manuel, pour ma part j'ai limé très légèrement l'épaisseur du pignon 054 car une fois serré la vis104, possibilité blocage du pignon pompe.
Very nice model, I'm not going too fast to mount it. Small observation, page 13 of the manual, for my part I very slightly filed the thickness of pinion 054 because once tightened screw 104, possibility of blocking the pump pinion.

Great model kits!

I built the 3D Cyberpunk Metal Puzzle Steampunk Metal Scorpion Model and it turned out great and looks cool. It was quite a challenge and put my building skills to the test. The 3D dragon model is my next build!
Engine DIY kits are beautifully designed with all metal parts!!! Instruction photos are clear and easy to understand. Many thanks.

I have some problem about your service

I received a nice engine so I am so satisfied. However, I also ordered engine starter kits, supercharger, battery, and engine air filter but I received the engine only. So I sent a question email to your company but yours didn't answer yet. Could you explain what's going on my other products I ordered before? If you can't answer about my questions, I would have to cancel my credit order about payment.

Hot bulb engine

The engine arrived with a broken timber base.
This was not a problem as I planned to make a 6mm aluminium plate base for it
No instructions included at all.
Made the base and protective carry guard and put it all together .
It worked after a bit of adjustment on the mixture screw
Runs perfectly and makes smoke rings from the exhaust
I used 2 stroke mix as fuel
The coolant water is circulated by the piston pump and cools the system efficiently
The large flywheel certainly helps keep the engine rotating while making minute adjusments to the mixture screw
Overall I am very impressed

A really fun build!

It was a fun & challenging build. Instructions were very good. My one recommendation would be to use a light grease on many of the parts rather than a light oil.

Just the Best!

Beauty, Precision, Engineering, Aesthetics, etc.

Terrifically FUN DOHC V8 Engine Build

I so enjoyed building this engine! Just as advertised, every one of its 650+ parts is metal. Everything goes together excellently. I used this build as part of self-training for my building my 2023 LT6’s engine myself at the Corvette factory. When it was done, I flipped the switch and watched the pistons and valves go up and down, the crank and the camshafts all go around exactly at they should. Putting this model together was a treat!


This is my second time making it and loved doing them both times, the metal is nice and tight, making it more sturdy.
I love it

Got it as a gift, by boyfriend loved it!

I got this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, and he’s done lots of the puzzles before- so he loved it a lot.