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7/10. Pity we didn’t have the upgrades until 2 months later for the electronics. Still under construction and haven’t had a chance to run the engine as of yet.

Not what I ordered!

I ordered a RED 140ml fuel tank, and received a BLACK 70ml fuel tank. It's a nice product, but not even close to what I was expecting. I will use it on another project, but this definitely not what I was hoping for. Not sure if I will be purchasing anymore products from here.

Brilliantly well built Tesla Coil

This is just such a good device. In the box you get the Tesla coil, the power supply, the discharge needle, and some neon lights for lighting up with the Tesla coil .

When you plug it in you can change the switch to play either just the electricity arcs or do music. Then it will Bluetooth to your phone so you can play music.

The device itself is really interesting as you can see through the device and see all the parts that make it up. There is also a large heatsink on the bottom to disapate the heat! And you can adjust the frequency and distance of the sparks. It is really cool to see how the Tesla coils works in a flat ish version like this. Everyone I showed this to is really amazed at the performance and cool electricity effects. The music quality is also really good. Although you can’t play just any old audio, it has to be square wave, the square wave music sounds really good.

Overall you get a lot of quality for your price and I can’t imagine this thing would break at all, it will last a long time. This Tesla coil is just so cool!

Wow! Cool slim Tesla Coil!

This is a really amazing Tesla coil. It even connects to your phone to play music.

Upon opening the box you will receive the Tesla Coil and the discharge needle which screws into the Tesla Coil. You also get the necessary power supply and an electricity arcing rod which you can hold near the Tesla Coil discharge and it will arc to it. I was so excited to use this when I first got it and it is really impressive.

Overall I was really impressed with this Tesla Coil, it never overheated and the square wave music provided sounded really cool and everyone I showed it to was really impressed. You can switch from arcs to connecting to your phone when you want different types of electricity to come out of the discharge needle. The sound quality could be better but at this price point it is really really good for what you get. It is also really impressive to see the electricity field light up the neon lights provided

Great Tesla Coil build

A great little Tesla coil for you to build. This little dude allows you to build it with parts and then see how all the components work to make it function! Note that you’ll need a soldering iron to build this as the components do not come attached to the board where you receive the model. I was really impressed when I finished soldering everything together and got it to work when I plugged it in. Make sure not to touch the heatsinks though, they are very hot.

I built the model using the pin-out the company provided to me, but if you can’t find it, I attached a photo over head so you can see where all the parts go. If you get this, be prepared to spend a little time putting it together but it will be worth it when you finish!

Once you plug it in it will immediately turn on and then you can plug in an audio in the audio port, and then play music or sounds on the Tesla Coil! Just don’t touch the coil or the copper wire on the top and be careful of the heatsinks. Over all, this is a really cool coil to start off with.

What a great Tesla Coil

What can I say, this is a great beginner Tesla coil. Shipped from China to the west coast really quick, I was impressed. Everything came in great condition. Although there was no instructions, it is really easy to figure out how to screw together the clear acrylic frame (everything else is already built). The quality is very impressive.

Once you plug in the coil, you press the button on the front to turn it on (just don’t touch the coil or the copper wire on top). You can also plug in a standard audio jack and play music. Like stated, there really isn’t a limit to what you can play with this coil, you can do songs, talking etc, even vocals work!

It is really cool how these Tesla Coils work and I’m glad I got to see how everything works using this Tesla Coil. Very fun!

Nice little engine

Very good workmanship and it works perfectly out of the box. The only thing I struggle with is to get very low idle speed like the horseshoe sound. Enginediy, what exactly do we have to do to get this? Thank you for this great engine.

moteur V8

j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à monter ce modèle, ou j'ai ajouter les fils bougie pour faire plus réelle. Bravo pour vos Kits, un bel ensemble avec mon 4cylindres

moteur étoile 5 cylindres

Très beau modèle et très bien conçu, me freine pour ne pas le finir trop vite, pour moi ajouterais collecteur échappement et fils bougies, si trouve tubes au diamètre. Bravo pour ce kit

Fantastic Build, Fantastic Model!!

Absolutely impressive aluminum alloy model! Easy to follow instruction booklet, beautifully fabricated parts are all well packed in sturdy plastic trays with covers, and it all comes in a very nice-looking tin. Parts came together very well, all the gears, shafts, and pistons move very smoothly once properly greased. Everything about this metal kit screams high-quality. But the best part has to be how everything on the engine syncs together so well that even the valves are timed to open during the appropriate piston strokes. That makes this model a great educational tool to teach others how a real 4-cylinder automotive engine functions. Love all the additional components as well, such as the water pump, oil filter, oil pan, starter motor, alternator, and intake/exhaust ports that really complete the look of the model. This kit comes in 3 different color schemes and I opted for the red/gold model. I think it will contrast perfectly with the blue/silver V-8 engine which I'm definitely purchasing after my experience with this kit. Being such an expensive model, I'd recommend putting it in a display case where it can be free from any dirt, dust, and moisture. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kit for any engine/model/mechanic enthusiast!!

High Quality Build - Good Fun

The kit shipped and arrived in a timely manner. The package is well-assembled and organized - it was very easy to find the correct parts needed throughout the build.
All the parts are precision-machined and finished - no sharp edges, etc.
Between the paper book and the posted videos, the instructions are excellent (though I did make an error and installed one sprocket backwards - in this case, it was easily remedied even after I had finished). It took 8-9 hours to complete the build and the model works very nicely. A mini/magnetic power screwdriver was helpful as there are hundreds of screws but it's not necessary and you'll want to manually hand-tighten anyway - the provided tools will do the job.
I shared my video with some family and friends and they were interested and impressed.
It's a bit pricey but IMO, good quality/value for the money.

Custom base and exhaust

New custom aluminum engine cradle (mounted with 1/4" rubber to the base) and polished stainless steel exhaust

CDI News

good morning
with the new cdi it works very well, however you have to put 2 washers between the engine
attached video and photo of the assembly

This hand wheel worked great as an addition to the twin steam engine as a forward and reverse

Fun to build mechanical precision robot

Well designed high precision and quality parts. All metal parts have an outstanding fit and finish and therefore are the perfect basis for fun assembly of this robot. Also the manual is well written and describes the assembly steps very good augmented with excellent detail drawings and pictures. If you enjoy building electro mechanical things this is the perfect set for teenagers and adults!! Furthermore, the assembled product works great with your iPhone or Android 😊

V8 Model Engine

A very good plastic model, with good instructions, take your time and it will build relatively easy, I built it with my 11yrs. old grandson, "I did the fiddly bits"
My issues, 1. with the very small screws, there are 2 packets, the very small screws are different sizes B & C the packets are not marked and it is very difficult to tell them apart unless you measure them with a vernier. 2. the Fan belt is too loose and won,t drive the fan. 3. the Fan has too much end play and wobbles when you rotate it.
Apart from these minor issues a good kit.

I Loved!

It was one day full of enjoyment! Ease instructions! Excellent quality! And a beautiful result!

Excellent Offroad crawler

Awesome Offroad crawler. It has all it takes for rough terrain! Just like a real jeep! The lightning was better than the other Offroad I had so far! I recommend this product.

Ragna inox

Montage simple et precis,matériaux d'excellente qualité.
Entièrement articulée proportions réalistes et positionnable à souhait.
C'est un très bel objet à condition de ne pas avoir la phobie des araignées !!

Model V2 Camshaft

Perfect as always! Thank you Enginediy!

Needed a replacement camshaft for my Teching visible engine, after I accidentally lost the one that came with my kit. Ordered one, it arrived quickly, and finished building my model. These kits are great for a dad & son / daughter assembly project.. fun to build!

Pretty Cool Machine!

I bought this for the Sterling Engine and specifically for the rhombic drive. Luckily I have no interest in the LED light and voltage meter because I think they could do without both of these. The LEDs barely light up, and the voltmeter is so faint, it's illegible. Everything else is spectacular; just what I wanted. I'm a competent machinist, and I couldn't make this for the price I paid. I tried a few different fuels, even added a butane torch for a moment to see if I could get the voltmeter to show up better. It's best run with just 99% IPA and let it chug away. Super fun. Thanks, -Kevin

Awesome miniature model of Hit & Miss

This little engine is a very nice show piece that is a great representation of a true Hit & Miss engine. The use of castings gives a true feel of the real engine. The quality is very nice, packaging was well protected. I plan to make a nice weighted wood stand to conceal the battery case. I am very pleased with the purchase and will be back for more.

Best entry level rc hydraulic excavator

check out the video. YouTube video placeholder
Enjomor 36cc engine

I finally got around to looking at this engine. First thing I wanted to do is take off the valve cover and oil pan and see what it looked like inside. l should mention now that I am a certified aircraft airframe and engine mechanic. Let me say that overall, I see a lot of potential in the design and execution. There are definitely some quality control issue still to be addressed though. For example, the engine had a significant amount of contamination/metal dust/residue under the valve cover and also in the crank chamber. I put the engine in a pan and hosed it out with kerosine to flush. Then, while checking the valve clearance adjustments (they were pretty good) I found an extra valve rocker spacer (the little brass tubes) rolling around under the rocker shafts. Not a good sign, Enjomor.

I've got the engine mounted to a stand and am getting ready to run it. I will write more later. Let me say this: I knew going in this was a project for and experienced and knowledgeable person and I was correct. Do not expect to get a turn-key engine. Also, obviously I have no idea how the engine will hold up in service. I'll let you know more later.

MANY THANKS for this amazing engine

Without the Chinese model enthusiast CISON who brought this to market, I wouldn't have this model.
I love's pretty well made (9/10) starts easily with lots of priming and sounds AMAZING. I took time to build adjustable rubber mounts so it twists a little when I rev it. Check out the few cosmetic tweaks - chrome flywheel cover, generator, key ignition. Overall 10/10 MANY THANKS CISON! YouTube video placeholder