toyan fs-l200ac engine
otto motor fs-l200ac engine

TOYAN FS-L200AC Engine 7cc SOHC Inline 2 Cylinders 4 Stroke Air Cooled Nitro Engine Model Kit - OTTO MOTOR & SEMTO ENGINE Version

OTTO MOTOR & TOYAN FS-L200AC Engine 7cc SOHC Mini Inline 2-cylinder 4-stroke Air-cooled Nitro Engine Model Kit Promo Info.:Early Bird Price...

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semto engine model kit st nf2
semto engine starter kit

SEMTO ST-NF2 Engine Starter Kit

SEMTO ST-NF2 Engine Starter KitThe starter kit contains 2 F-Type electric Plug, 2 voltage regulator module, 1 oil tank and 1 oil pipe, compatible w...

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What is SEMTO?

SEMTO ENGINE, also called SEMTO, a brand specializes on model engine of science and education model. We hope that these SEMTO Engines bring science and education model to the real life, to the study, to EVERYONE, to the world of engineering.

We always keep deeping roots in science and education. The idea behind our business is to make science and educational model engines available to anybody with passion of Engine DIY.

We have amassed a great deal of outstanding experience via ongoing communication and collaboration with numerous specialists in the fields of science and education around the world. At the same time, we create professional assembly drawings and exquisite & top-notch model parts thanks to the ongoing consideration and research of high-end R & D employees.
Every customer who purchases one of our engine model items will be able to comprehend the fundamentals and sources of mechanical operation. To ensure that the mechanical representation of civilization in the industrial age is carried down from generation to generation, we consistently uphold the scientific and rigorous spirit in the development of a variety of high-quality engine models.

EngineDIY will show you more and more SEMTO engines in the next future! Any advice, please email us at

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