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HOWIN L4 Engine, a 17.2cc SOHC Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Electric Nitro IC Engine Miniature Engine Model

8 Reasons Why Choose the HOWIN L4 Engine?

1. It is based on the Honda engine, a high-end performance engine designed by the HOWIN team, which demonstrates a strong engine manufacturing spirit.

2. Mainly decorated in silver and black for a high-end atmosphere, restore real car engine more. The L4 engine with an overall compact structure represents a collision of retro classics and modern machinery

3. Adopts SOHC valve mechanism, alloy rocker arms, independent intake/exhaust design and increasingly accurate valve opening/closing. Built with adjustable valve and single carburetor for easy adjustment and more sensitive throttle response. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe printed by integrated metal stainless steel make the engine sounds deep and powerful like a racing car.

4. The integrated & reinforced crankshaft with five points to fully support ensures that the crankshaft boasts sufficient strength and is not easy to deform under high-speed operation.

5. All parts of the model are made of carefully selected material, among which the piston ring is made of nodular cast iron, and the cylinder block & crankcase of the cylinder head are processed by aluminum alloy CNC,  as well as colored through anodic oxidation after sandblasting.

6. 4 cylinder engine, powerful, to maintain the steady output of the inline four-cylinder engine, the rocker arms, camshaft and crankshaft are precision machined for minimal tolerances. With its true-to-life scale, reliable start and steady power, the high-performance engine will meet the expectations of many model aficionados, providing an impressive&authentic model for nostalgic enthusiasts and collectors.

7. Features smooth idle running and a high speed up to 15000rpm like a little violent beast, due to the 480 brush motor and convenient electrical starting, perfect for RC boats, 1/6 1/8 RC cars and other RC model.

8. One-year warranty. If you have any questions about the product in use, please feel free to contact for advice or help.

How HOWIN L4 Engine Run?

The crankshaft with five points

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