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CISON FL4-175 Flathead Inline 4 cylinder 4 Stroke Water-Cooled Gasoline Engine Model | Enginediy

Hello,guys,do you guys want to have a model of a real four-cylinder petrol car? First, you must have a mini inline 4 gasoline engine.

After half a year of hard work, the Enginediy team finally released the world's smallest mini inline 4 stroke engine - CISON FL4-175 Engine

  • Features:

Exquisite mini shape:

FL4-175 engine has a unique compact appearance, simple but reliable structure, small size but large displacement. A collision of retro classics with modern machinery, it will work impressively.

Long stroke, high torque:

The side valve structure is adopted, the center of gravity is lower, and the weight is lighter. Taking the long stroke as the design basis, it effectively provides higher torque output.

Responsive and powerful:
Metal stainless steel one-piece printed intake and exhaust pipes, independent single carburetor design, easy to adjust, more sensitive throttle response, and low and powerful sound.

Effective and long-lasting work:
The external oil pump is used to supply oil to the crankshaft splash, and the independent lubrication effect is better. It is recommended to use a micro oil filter element. With water circulation cooling, the engine runs longer and has a longer service life.

The main body of the engine is mainly made of aluminum CNC precision machining, the special bimetallic cast iron piston ring, the high-precision hardened cylinder liner, the one-piece hardened crankshaft, the surface sandblasted and oxidized, rich in metal texture and mechanical sense.

Convenient ignition:
The self-developed four-cylinder electronic igniter is small in size and strong in anti-interference, which makes the ignition operation of the engine more stable, and is more friendly to players who use remote control electronic equipment.

The oil pan has a reserved observation window, and the transparent window can be modified to observe the operation of the crankshaft in real time. The flywheel side reserves the installation position of the simulated automobile mechanical manual clutch for later players to upgrade.

RC Compatibility:
Lightweight structural design, better compatible with RC models. It is the perfect "heart" for low torque demanding 1/8 and 1/10 scale model climbing bikes.

Collection gift:
It is a perfect addition for mechanical enthusiasts, engine model enthusiasts and collectors, and it is also a good choice for RC oil-powered models. It can be used as a high-end personalized gift for family and friends.

Total length: 135mm,height 90mm, cylinder length*width 96*43mm.

    What are the parts of the CISON FL4-175 engine?

      Then I will introduce you to the parts of the CISON FL4-175 engine.

      The engine is independently lubricated, with an oil pump, and oil is added separately, which is consistent with the working principle of the real engine.

      The crankshaft is very difficult to machine, and this part costs a lot of money. However, in order to avoid the situation of Tuoyang shaft breaking, front and rear bearings and intermediate bearing bushes are used.

      • Camshaft, done

      • Cylinder head, done

      • Cylinder block, done

      • Parts overview

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      Dirk Losse - February 11, 2022

      Has the CISON FL4-175 Engine an integrated water pump?
      Best regards
      Dirk Losse

      Nitesh - January 27, 2022
      Bruce - January 25, 2022

      Please tell me what is required to complete the engine as a stationary running display? I see no wiring or distributor. I see no cooling system or oil filter. Does the engine have a water pump, or does it depend on convection?
      What is total cost for everything needed except the stand?

      Ronald - January 22, 2022
      I wanted to purchase?

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