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What accessories you need to upgrade CISON V2 engine?

Hey friends, have you received your v2 engine models? If yes, congratulations! If you plan to upgrade it and wondering what accessories needed? Will this be helpful?

Let's look at the upgraded v2 engine!

How is it? Do you want your engine look like this? What kind of the accessories included?

Here is the list:

1* Metal Base (2 colors available: black and silver)

1* Set of Oil Tank and Stand

1* Hall Sensor

1* Exhaust Pipe Tube

1* CDI Igniter

1* Set of Flywheel and Pulley



Get all v2 engine accessories here -> CISON Original Accessories

More Videos for you to know about V2 engine.

Video via driving 4 answers (Youtube)

 Video via Kevin Talbot (Youtube)


How it sounds? Let's watch the testing video!

Know more about V2 engine here:-> CISON V TWIN ENGINE

Will you upgrde your v2 engine model?

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Paul gaide - April 20, 2022
I have all the upgrades but we all need that electric starter please….
William Rankin - March 11, 2022
When will the electric start kit shown in the pictures be available?

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