Customers' engine diy From

Customers' engine diy From

Customers' engine diy From

The following engine DIYs are all from our customer Michael Meszaros.

Regarding my projects, the Enjomor is almost finished I am waiting for the upgraded distributor to become available so that I can fit it, then I will make a perspex cover for it, then it is ready, it is going to be a display engine & it will take prize position on a shelf in my workshop, & just for the record I am using 20/50 fully synthetic engine oil in it, I have different information regarding engine oil the manufacturer states 30/50 or above which doesn't exist in the UK, suppliers state use 20/40 so my thoughts are meet in the middle & use 20/50.

The Baxter only needs a perspex cover then it is finished, this uses 0/30 fully synthetic oil.

As for all the Toyan engines I am going to spray the aluminium base plates satin black, stain the wood the same colour as the Enjomor & Baxter bases & make perspex covers for all of them, all the Toyan engines have a remote control throttle fitted, the batteries, start modules & receivers are all contained in the wooden bases, one side of the base is held in position by a couple of screws so they can be removed easily to access the internal components, all these engines will be on a display shelf in my workshop.

If anybody has any questions about these projects or needs some help or advice with technical issues regarding these engines please feel free to ask, I am always happy & willing to assist with any problems if I can, kind regards Mick.


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