Debug for Toyan Engine's Main and Auxiliary Oil Needle

Debug for Toyan Engine's Main and Auxiliary Oil Needle

Debug for Toyan Engine's Main and Auxiliary Oil Needle

Hello Everyone,
First, let me introduce the debug of engine's oil needle.
Some new player asked about how many laps does the oil needle should be tuned ? ---- In fact, this is a mistake, no matter which model car's engine oil needle, it doesn't have a "standard " position. Because various factors ( like, fuel brand, temperature, humidity) will make the engine shown different performance, and it will make the laps of oil needle not the same.

If you want know more experience, --- ok.
In fact, no matter which engine, when leaving factory, it will be set a factory value for the main and auxiliary oil needle, like our Toyan 4 stroke engine. Tighten the main oil needle by turning it clockwise as far as it will go, then turning it counterclockwise 1.8 - 2 laps. Then tighten the auxiliary oil needle by turning it clockwise as far as it will go, then turning it counterclockwise 1.5 laps. This factory value might not applicable to you, but if you are not sure, just try and set it like this...

What is oil needle?

Toyan engine debug - Enginediy

Steps for main and auxiliary oil needle debug are as below:

1, Temperature preparation and Pre-adjustment
Just now, I have mentioned to make sure the main and auxiliary oil needle in factory default condition.
After starting engine normally, throttles up slightly to let the engine run to an appropriate temperature, it takes around 8-10 seconds. When the engine temperature reaches the normal working standard, then start debugging.

2, Start from Main oil needle
Push the throttle few times (fully throttle at high speed in the end), listen to the sound, when the engine fully throttle and running at the highest speed, if it creates sharp, dry sound ( like it has power but can not going up) , this status calls lean oil. If so, please turning the main oil needle ( counterclockwise - fuel rich ), the turning range is 15 degree each time, one lap is 360 degree, tune till the engine reaches highest speed and engine sounds strong, but not sharp.

3, If the engine has been debugged well, its sound will be completely under your finger's control. The sound will be changed with your finger's move up and down. Please fully throttle and return to the idle position, listen to engine's sound, till its sound from high speed to low speed can keep up with your hand speed.

4, Debug of auxiliary oil needle
The auxiliary oil needle is also called the low-speed oil needle. It controls the state of engine running at low speed.

First fully throttle the engine, then return to idle speed, listen to engine's sound at idle speed. If it is too low (as if there is sputum in the throat ), and when you accelarte suggdenly, the throttle is slow, it calls "fuel rich". Please turning auxiliary oil needle (counterwise), tune it till the throttle is responsive, there is no "delay" when the engine runs at low speed smoothly to the acceleartion.

5, Idle Speed Setting
First, turn down the engine's carburetor throttle air inlet to minimum. The best state of air inlet gap is around 2mm, if not, please adjust the idle screw (turn idle screw counterwise means increase the idle speed, otherwise it is reduce idle speed), when valve gap is around 2mm, please make sure the engine is running at slowest idle speed without killing the engine.

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kimberley n boux - November 12, 2021
ok for most people these engines run on methanol and castor oil aka model engine glow fuel / however these engines can be converted to petroleum gas / automotive fuel with a mixture rating of 30 or 40 to1 / mix basically 2 cycle fuel the needles on these carbs are not oil needles they are low speed and high speed fuel mixture settings all glow engines have them / and when converted for 2 cycle fuel the carburetors also have low and high mixture settings . how i know this well because i have converted a fs-L200 to spark plug ignition using a custom way -spark short for wasted spark/ system . i don,t know why some people refer to these engine that they burn oil / although they are similar to a diesel engine because they utilize glow plugs/ anyway point made anyway people they burn glow fuel or gasoline if converted properly.

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