Enginediy & Enginediyshop Statement to Fraudulent Website

Enginediy & Enginediyshop Statement to Fraudulent Website

Dear Valued Customers,

We sincerely apologize for the recent incidents where some customers received products that did not match their orders. We completely understand your concerns and the inconvenience this may have caused you. After a thorough investigation, we discovered that this was due to malicious activities by a fraudulent website named https://extremelife.shop. Rest assured, we have already taken swift action by reporting the website, and as a result, it has been promptly closed down, and we will continue to enhance our security measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

To ensure your shopping safety and protect your interests, we strongly advise you to pay close attention to the accuracy of the domain name. Please always recognize our official websites as enginediyshop.com and enginediy.com. These two domains are the only official websites operated by us, where we guarantee the sale of genuine engine models and provide you with a top-notch shopping experience.

Moreover, we understand there have been questions about the relationship between Enginediyshop and Enginediy. Both websites, Enginediyshop is part of the Enginediy parent company and is a partner of enginediy. Allow us to clear explanation the differences between the two:


Wide Product Selection:
Enginediy brings together various types of engine models, including internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, steam engines, and a variety of models and accessories to meet the different preferences and needs of engine enthusiasts.

Carefully Curated Products:
We are dedicated to selecting the highest-quality products for you. All engine models undergo rigorous screening and inspection to ensure their excellence, delivering a pleasant shopping experience.

Unique Derivative Products:
In addition to engine models, we also offer a diverse range of derivative products such as accessories and model cars to enrich your collection.


1. Focus on Steam Engines and MOC Engine Models
Enginediyshop specializes in offering a wide range of steam engines and MOC engine models. We understand the passion of enthusiasts in these fields and strive to provide a rich and unique selection of products for steam engine and MOC engine enthusiasts.

2. Diversity and Uniqueness:
While we focus on steam engines and MOC engine models, we also aim to provide the most diverse and unique products in these domains. Our product range includes not only traditional steam engines and engine model kits but also various styles and scales of specialty products, catering to the preferences of every customer.

Enginediyshop.com is our exclusive store for dedicated enthusiasts who love MOC block engines and steam engine models. On Enginediyshop.com you can find a larger selection of MOC block engines and subsequently more exclusive steam engine models, as well as customized services for hobbyists.

We share the same commitments across both platforms:

Customer-Centric Approach: We always prioritize the user experience and continuously improve our services to ensure that every visit to Enginediyshop and Enginediy is enjoyable.

Authenticity Guarantee: We strictly control the authenticity and quality of each product to ensure that you are purchasing genuine engine models.

Preventing Malicious Fraud and Counterfeit Websites:
Your concerns are of utmost importance to us. As legitimate and professional websites, we take all necessary measures to prevent malicious fraud and counterfeit websites. Our products undergo strict screening and inspection to guarantee their quality and authenticity. Additionally, we collaborate with authoritative institutions to strengthen monitoring and protect your interests and shopping security.

Please recognize our official websites:

Official Website: Enginediy.com
Official Website: Enginediyshop.com

Tips to Identify Official Websites:

Check the Domain: Always ensure the website address is accurate, by verifying that it is enginediyshop.com or enginediy.com.

Look for Website Identification: Official websites typically display company logos, brand marks, or contact information. You can review these indicators to confirm the website's authenticity.

Exercise Caution with Links: Avoid clicking on links from unknown or suspicious sources to avoid falling into fraudulent traps.

We sincerely appreciate your trust and support. We will continue our efforts to strengthen security measures and protect your shopping safety and interests. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Best regards,
Enginediy Team & Enginediyshop Team


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Toby Howard - September 11, 2023

First, let me give my greatest apologies to all who have been taken and Engine DIY in this scam. The Internet used to be a playground and encyclopedia. I really miss those days. Now it is more like a minefield and we have to watch our step so much, it’s hardly fun anymore. And a place that can offer a business like this, a worldwide customer base has turned into a risky business.

That said, thanks EDIY for taking swift action and working to protect your customers. It’s easy to remain loyal to you when you show that you are loyal to us! 👍💯

Now for business. Most readers here probably already know, but for anyone that might not; here is what you want to do.

a. When you decide you want to order something (and I truly hope you do), take your cursor and mouse over the link you want to follow.
b. Look down at your lower left in the browser window. The link you “would be” clicking on should point to the name and domain of the business’ website. The domain is the *.com part. All links should have -" enginediy.com "- as the last part of the address.
1. It must be that exactly. And be aware that people have been fooled by things as simple as , periods and dashes. ie., – eng.inediy.com or enginediy-.com or even enginediy.xyz (It would seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people miss that top-level domain swap). PLEASE NOTE, these are not examples of here at EDIY, but I have seen this trick done on other scams!

c. Lastly: if you are in doubt, ask someone. Go to the website following your bookmarked link and use the contact info to call or email them and ask about the link. Or ask someone you trust. My wife almost clicked on a link to Wells Fargo a few years ago; but something seemed strange and she asked me to take a look at it. Turned out that it was wellsfargo.somethingIcantremember.com. The Wells was there, but as a subdomain. The actual email would have gone to somethingIcantremember.com. In that case, I submitted the email to our ISP so they could follow up.

I hope this is helpful to someone and thanks again to EDIY for working quickly to resolve this, and a very responsible apology to their customers. Now I have to order something else. ❤️️

Donald Swords - September 10, 2023

Yup. I was scammed by the extreme life as well. Looking back I pulled down the address for enginediy and it said extremelife. Suckered by the price. Didn’t lose much. Price to pay to be careful. Hope they got caught.

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