Enjomor 36cc DOHC Engine Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Twin Cam Engine

Enjomor 36cc DOHC Engine Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Twin Cam Engine

.Model: D6

.Displacement: 36cc (4×9cc)

.Cylinders: Four cylinders

.Valves: 8Valves

.Strokes: four strokes

.Piston Diameter: 22.9mm

.Speed: 7800r/min

.Fuel: 92#/95# gasoline

.Lubrication Method: 70-80mL dosage, 20-40w oil viscosity

.Cooling Method: Water-cooled

.Ignition Method: Hall type CDI pulse electric ignition

.Start Mode: Electric start (motor starter)

.Material: Aluminum Alloy

.Product Dimensions: 19 x 13.1 x 12.5cm

.Package Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 18cm

.Product Weight: 3000g

.Package Weight: 3500g

.Packing: Box


Package List:

.1 x DOHC Engine

.1 x User Manual



Double Overhead Camshaft Design:

The engine adopts a four-cylinder, four-stroke, eight-valve design, and dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) control the intake and exhaust valves respectively, with stable performance, stronger and more stable power output.
With Water-cooled Pump and Oil Pump:

An external water-cooled pump can effectively dissipate heat and cool the engine. The oil pan contains an oil pump, and the oil is well circulated.
Easy and Convenient Ignition Start:

Hall-type CDI pulse electric ignition design, and equipped with a large torque starter motor, the engine starts easily and smoothly.
Exquisite Simulation Appearance:

The whole machine shell is manufactured by CNC machining center, and the appearance is exquisite and atmospheric and full of texture. The design of red sports elements and the highly simulated appearance are closer to the real engine.
Exquisite Parts Processing Technology:

The crankshaft made by dozens of processes is high-precision, high-strength and durable. The inner wall of the high-strength cylinder liner is chrome-plated to increase wear resistance and smoothness, and improve service life. The piston adopts a simulated three-ring design, including a tapered gas ring and an oil ring, and the combustion efficiency is more efficient.
Wide Range of Applications:

The engine is suitable for refitting to large-scale RC model cars, boats, tanks, and it is also very suitable for playing as a desktop model, refitting into a generator, etc. It is a high-quality choice for model players with strong DIY hands-on ability.

This is an amazing mechanical crafts, it will attract the likes of many model engine lovers. It can be given as a high-end personalized gift to friends, family members, machinery or model lovers.
For Ages: 14+


Know More About DOHC Engine

DOHC means Double Over Head Cam or Dual Overhead Cam (there are two cams located over head operating various intake and exhaust valves). That means each header has two camshafts. Hence, an inline engine will contain 2 camshafts as it has only one header. Flat engine and V-engine will contain 4 camshafts as they have two headers. The DOHC engines usually come in 4 valves. One camshaft for the intake valves and the other for the exhaust valves. Our Enjomor 36cc DOHC 4-cylinder 8-valves Engine: 2 valves per cylinder.

A DOHC engine design is often called Twin Cam or Dual Cam. The majority of modern cars have a DOHC engine. A typical DOHC engine has two camshafts and four valves per cylinder, like the one in this animation. One camshaft operates intake valves, while another camshaft controls exhaust valves on the opposite side.

In a DOHC engine, camshafts can be installed farther apart from each other. This allows the intake valves to be at a larger angle from the exhaust valves, which results in a more direct air flow through the engine. In other words, a DOHC engine can "breathe" better, which means it can produce more horsepower out of a smaller engine volume.


What is a DOHC engine?

A DOHC engine is a dual overhead camshaft engine, or an engine with two camshafts.

Who invented DOHC engine?

Ernest Henry

Is a DOHC engine good?

A DOHC, two or four valves per cylinder configuration allows better airflow at high engine speeds, resulting in better top end power. DOHC engines also allow the spark plug to be placed right in the middle of the combustion chamber which in turn promotes efficient combustion.

What is the advantage of a DOHC engine?

The biggest advantages of a DOHC engine are increased power and increased speed. This type of engine can particularly increase your vehicle's engine power at high speeds.


  • fuel efficiency;
  • high power relative to other layouts;
  • ample opportunities to increase power;
  • less noise due to the use of hydraulic lifters.
What is the disadvantage of a DOHC engine?
  • more wearing parts - more expensive maintenance and repair;
  • the risk of phase out of sync due to relaxation of the timing chain or timing belt;
  • sensitivity to oil quality and level.
What are dual overhead camshafts?

A dual overhead camshaft is an engine that features two camshafts per bank of the cylinder head. One camshaft is for the intake valves and the other is for the exhaust valves.

How does a camshaft work?

Generally, engines with dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) are higher performance engines, they produce more power, and can run at higher speeds. The camshafts have the job of opening the valves that let air into and exhaust out of the engine. ... At higher engine speeds, the engine pumps a lot of air though the cylinders.

Camshafts push against valves, which opens the valves. The camshafts rotate while this happens, and this in turn affects engine performance and speed.


Why is dual overhead cam better?

Dual overhead cams can be better if you're looking for increased performance and high speeds. The unique designed of a DOHC engine can result in both of these benefits.


What cars have DOHC engine?

Examples of DOHC engines:

  • Ford 3.5L EcoBoost V6 DOHC.
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302 5.0L DOHC V8.
  • Ford Mustang 5.2L V8 Supercharged.
  • BMW S65 DOHC V8.
  • Infiniti 3.0L VR30.
  • Mercedes-Benz Inline-6 DOHC engine.
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