ENJOMOR Assembled Steam Engine Kit Retro Vertical with Boiler DIY KIT | Enginediy

ENJOMOR Assembled Steam Engine Kit Retro Vertical with Boiler DIY KIT | Enginediy

ENJOMOR Assembled Steam Engine Kit Retro Vertical with Boiler DIY KIT | Enginediy

I assembled this steam engine that looks great, and I want to achieve more functions and gameplay. I thought of a good idea, let the steam engine output electricity to light up the LED lights.
Do you think there are better suggestions? I look forward to more and better ideas.


DIY Fun:
The steam engine adopts the form of assembly kit, nearly 40 kinds of parts, you will start a challenge project to build a new steam engine yourself, clear graphical instructions, wonderful assembly process, and explore the internal structure and principle of the steam engine.

Retro Steam Engine:
The vertical structure of the steam engine, the cylinder and the air distribution mechanism are easy to observe, the transparent cylinder design, the piston movement is unobstructed. The large-size flywheel design enables faster start-up and smoother operation. The simulated jet sound makes people obsessed. It has DIY modification space and output power, and supports the installation of LED lights and other loads.

Safety Design:
Spherical boiler, the steam pressure is evenly released. The boiler is equipped with a mini safety valve, a splash-proof exhaust tube, an all-brass alcohol lamp, and a fire-extinguishing gland to ensure safe use.

Superb Manufacturing Process:
The boiler is made of all metal materials, which is safe and strong, and has a short start-up time. The retro appearance evokes the feelings of the steam age, and the first-class processing technology brings excellent performance and high-end mechanical model experience. It is a handicraft with both texture and beauty.

Wide Range of Applications and Gift Idea:
This product is suitable as teaching aids and learning tools, doing scientific and technological experiments, and contributing to popular science knowledge. It can also be used as a cool desktop decoration crafts to play with. At the same time, it is suitable as a great gift for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays to steam model players and technology enthusiasts.

The link to buy: https://bit.ly/38O66gF

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