Enjomor V8 Engine Model Will Be Released in 2022? - EngineDIY

Enjomor V8 Engine Model Will Be Released in 2022? - EngineDIY

Hey friends,

EngineDIY Team plan to release a ENJOMOR V8 engine model that works and the sample has been produced.

Let's watch the testing video now!

After watching the video, let's know more about this new V8 engine!

Bore: 23mm
Piston stroke: 20mm
Fuel: 95# and above (Pure Gasoline)
Shell Size: 136mm*179mm*138mm
Displacement: 78CC
Three Piston Rings (2 Air Rings, 1 Oil Ring)
Crankshaft: Cross Crankshaft

Here are the design images:
v8 enginev8 enginev8 engine
Here are the images of sample v8 engine:
v8 enginev8 enginev8 engine

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David Atcherley - October 19, 2022
Will this engine be releases as a kit or fully built?
Richard Gagne - September 14, 2022

Yes, I want buy this wonderful engine..!!! I can’t wait to know the weight of the engine so I can see where we can install it..!!

Aleksei Astankov - September 13, 2022

It looks perfect! So I wait a gearbox with manual clutch for this engine. In this case it will be the new step for super scale car chassis building.

Rich - September 13, 2022
I would be interested in a kit form. Will a kit ever be available?
Uwe Oberschelp - September 13, 2022

Nice engine, but your price point of $2,500 to $3,000 is too high for most buyers, I would be interested, in the below $2,000.00 area, just purchased the Toyan V8, and think for what you get it’s a little high in price too, always remember folks, the accessories to even start that engine has to be added to the above price, which makes even the Toyan
too expensive!

Richard Gagne - September 4, 2022
Very nice. When will this engine will be ready to purchase and at what price?
Shazamm - August 22, 2022
Im very interested in the Enjomor V8 engines? Will will it be released? Whats the cost?
Eugenius Grzelak - August 18, 2022
Very, very nice. When will this engine be ready to purchase and at what price?
Kevin - August 11, 2022
When will these be ready to purchase and a price thanks great work
Kevin - July 27, 2022
Yes I would like purchase one price and time frame

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