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ENJOMOR V8 engine released, do you think it is the most powerful V8 engine?

Original design model engine, DOHC overhead camshaft engine, water-cooled eight-cylinder four-stroke, strong power and maximum power of 3.8KW, suitable for various scenarios. Power support for mini cars, boats, airplanes, etc.

Let's know more about ENJOMOR V8 engine

9 characteristics of ENJOMOR V8 engine

1. Three piston rings, including oil ring manufactured in 32 processes, ensure the pressure in the cylinder.

2. One-piece cast crankshaft, high hardness piston cylinder liner, full bearing crankshaft support, 1:14 compression ratio.

3. Exposed timing belt design for intuitive machine operation.

4. Independent lubrication, oil sump oil pump draws oil to the top of the machine.

5. Cam chamber lubrication, reciprocating.

6. Side water cooling pump effectively dissipates heat.

7. One-key start, 3548 brushless motor start.

8. Full aluminum CNC cylinder block.

9. Integrated exhaust manifolds bring effects to the real engine.

Limited release in 2022, the first batch has the last 7 available to purchase. The engine will be sent out in mid-November. The next batch need wait to until next year.

Get ENJOMOR V8 Engine Now: https://bit.ly/3LCzMQE

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