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I came across a Harley-Davidson panhead engine more than 100 years ago on the engine forum in December 2020. The cylinder diameter of the engine is 16.7mm and the stroke is 21mm.

When I first saw this engine, I was deeply attracted by it, so I decided to make my own mini version of V2 engine model based on this engine. I like engines and collect a lot of them. I really enjoy them when they work. state. I searched a lot of information from Google and YouTube, hoping to restore the appearance and keep the simulation level as much as possible, including engine noise, but I did not have a real engine, nor even looked at the physical machine, because it is too old. Perhaps it only exists in the hands of a handful of collectors and it is too difficult to obtain.

In January 2020, I started to build the plan. This is difficult. I can only get engine information from the existing data. I chose a rocker arm design that is different from the panhead engine, and adopted a rocker arm design with a common ohv structure. Yes, it is easy to process, which will shorten my production cycle, I can’t wait.

The engine will all be made by cnc. It has a beautiful and atmospheric appearance. I like to collect it, so I can't bear it in the future because it will become dark due to oxidation. So I will use anodized cylinder surface to keep it bright. At the same time, the rocker cover will be chrome-plated, and the shiny appearance will make my mood better.

I spent a long time, because my job is an engineer, I can only complete my production in my spare time. After 7 months, it was finally completed. I started to try to start, but it failed. Then I started to check the camshaft and found that the angle was wrong. I thought the camshaft angles of the two cylinders were equal, because they were so in my previous engine design experience. Then I simulated the 3d plan, and it seems that my guess is to fight for, and it also needs to add the angle of the ejector rod tilt.

I was about to start trying to start one of the cylinders. I removed the spark plug of the cylinder with the wrong cam so that it would not add resistance to the cylinder that was ready to run. I welded a Hall igniter and tested it. He succeeded. The engine sound is very nice and fascinating.

I rebuilt the cam, contacted my good friend and asked him to make a new cam for me, yes, he used a cutting machine to make the cam.

After I started to assemble the new cam and checked the ignition timing of the two cylinders, I found that if the trigger magnet is placed on the flywheel of the crankshaft, then he will need 2 igniters and 2 Hall triggers, which is not good, etc. I started successfully, I will put him on the already finished distributor.

Astonishing! It started. Next I will optimize it to almost perfect, this is an impressive V2 engine, it is my treasure collection, I am happy to share the construction plan with you, maybe when you see this engine, do you miss the story of more than 100 years?


Engineer Mr. Xi
Founder of Cison Engine

Let me show you the processed photos.


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