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How to Build a 5 Cylinder Radial Engine? | Enginediy

How to Build a 5 Cylinder Radial Engine? | Enginediy

Radial engine is a reciprocating type internal combustion engine.

Some people ask, are radial engines still being made?

In fact, radial engines are still made today, however they are not that frequent.

Here is a 5 cylinder radial engine, which I like to call the "star engine" because of its beautiful shape.

How to build a 5 cylinder radial engine? let's learn more from following video:

5 cylinder radial engine model kits, with extremely textured metal parts, bring you all knowledge about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in an immersive environment. You will start a great project to build your own aircraft engine, which will be more exciting and challenging than ever.

3 Advantages of Building 5-Cylinder Radial Engine:

1. Learn about the specific components of the 5 cylinder radial engine through thehands-on assembly.

2. Observe intuitively the workingprinciples of the radial enginesby running the assembled engine model.

3. Assemble the apparently messyparts and components step by step in accordanceto the instructions,which facilitates cultivating the clear logic.

Know more about the 5 cylinder radial engine here!

Build your own 5 cylinder radial engine!


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