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HOWIN L6 Engine Made Based On The Ford 300 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

The Ford 300 straight six is a powerful, reliable engine, HOWIN l6's design and replica of the Ford 300 have received positive responses from the majority of model engine enthusiasts. For the interest of model engine lovers, providing an immersive and realistic experience, let's see how to assemble a complete HOWIN L6 engine yourself.


Comes with a detailed pdf manual ☞ HOWIN L6-210 Engine Instruction

All the parts included in the whole engine are neatly arranged in the storage box.

It is not difficult to assemble the engine yourself by following the instructions.

Various screws and small parts will also be prepared well, and the manual has a parts list, can check the required part numbers and quantities according to the bom list.

Through your own assembly, these small parts are assembled step by step, and your own six-cylinder engine is built, just like the ford 300 reproduced in your hands.

Thanks for Victorius Garage, friend, the first one built a howin l6 engine, and is very much looking forward he posting the video of assembling the engine on his channel, and also very much looking forward to his next step of starting the engine.

While retaining the appearance elements of the classic I6 engine, we have adopted a self-developed distributor ignition, an upgraded independent lubrication system, a new air intake system, water cooling and gasoline fuel.

After the engine is assembled, the wiring diagram will be helpful to start the engine model.

Let's see how the test sample engine starts?

Finally, this HOWIN L6 engine has been mass-produced, and pre-orders will be shipped soon.

Let's look forward to more friends receiving it and building their own engines, looking forward to more sharing.

HOWIN L6-210 Engine 1/8 Scale 21cc Mini Inline 6 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled L6 Gasoline Engine Model Kit


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Michael Meszaros - March 16, 2023
Hi Can you please tell me what grade of engine oil should be used in the Howin L6-210 engine, I was told that it should be standard 2T oil but this doesn’t seem right as this is for 2 stroke engines & is mixed with the fuel, it isn’t suitable for 4 stroke engines, please advise, regards Mick.

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