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How To Build V8 Engine | EngineDIY


v8 engine

Cars run on the road, ships swim in the water, and planes fly in the sky, all of which are inseparable from the engine. We can see many kinds of engines in our life, the most common of which is the engine of the car. The number of cylinders commonly used in automobile engines are 3 cylinders, 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders, 8 cylinders, 10 cylinders, 12 cylinders, etc. Today, let's unpack a V8 engine model and explore the principle of the V8 engine together.

About V8 Engine

This is a V8 engine model that simulates the real engine structure and allows us to intuitively understand each structure and working principle of the engine. Compared with most models that only show the appearance, the 500+pcs engine comes with an English paper instruction.

v8 engine
v8 engine  Building a shocking V8 engine model, you will experience the whole process of assembling from small parts to a completely finished product, which is the most fun part of a DIY model! Secondly, the entire assembly process of this model does not require glue, instead, just use screws or latches to complete. After assembly, the V8 engine can be driven by an electric motor, which can simulate the working principle of a real engine, and you can observe the whole process of the engine operation and gain knowledge about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering.


Assembly Instructions

First of all, get all the parts and all the tools you need to assemble the engine (some of the accessories shown in the picture).

Important note: Before assembly, find the bottled lubricating oil, be sure to put enough oil in all the places that need to be lubricated, otherwise the machine is easy to get stuck.

 v8 engine

Now, please look at the illustrations of the assembly as followed.

Step 1 Crankshaft connecting rod assembly

 v8 engine

v8 engine  v8 engine

Step 2 Cylinder assembly

V8 engine  v8 engine

Step 3 Engine body assembly

v8 engine  v8 engine

Step 4 Motor assembly

v8 engine  v8 engine

Step 5 Generator assembly

v8 engine  v8 engine that works

Step 6 Water pump assembly

v8 engine that works  v8 engine that works

Step 7 Tension seat assembly

teching v8 engine  teching v8 engine

Step 8 Timing mechanism installation

v8 engine model v8 engine model
v8 engine model  v8 engine model

Step 9 Belt mechanism installation

v8 engine model kit  v8 engine model kit

You can purchase this V8 model through the link to get a more detailed and complete instruction, as well as learn about the assembly of the rest accessories. Also, you can refer to the assembly videos of YouTubers, so that you can really enjoy the assembly by yourself!


Now, would you like a set of such a V8 engine model? Starting a great project and building your own V8 engine will be more exciting and challenging than ever. This V8 engine is not only an exquisite ornamental model, but also a dynamic model that can simulate the operation of a real engine. What's more? This series of products are principally designed to improve users' hands-on ability and concentration, and to develop habits of “preciseness and stress on discipline”. I believe this model is also a perfect collection that can't be rejected & missed.

Additionally, we also provide after-sales service for our customers. If there’s any defective items, we will immediately give a free replacement. We promise to do our best to offer you a joyful assembly experience of this model.



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