How to Install an RC Model NR200 Engine on a Boat | Enginediy

How to Install an RC Model NR200 Engine on a Boat | Enginediy


Guys, today I will show you how to modify the NR200 engine. Our idea is to install it on the boat. Do you think we can succeed?
Scroll down if you want to know the result.

  • First, let me show you how to modify

Step 1: Remove the flywheel of the engine.

Step 2: Install the clutch kit.

Choose the appropriate transmission mode, gear drive or pulley drive.

Single Gear

Double Gear

Step 3: Check whether the clutch combination is tight and the operation is smooth.

Step 4: Make a simple U-shaped aluminum seat or bracket for placing the fixed engine.

Step 5: Self-made simple steering gear linkage lever throttle device. The remote control servo can control the engine throttle.

Step 6: Place the engine as a whole in the RC model (take a boat as an example), and connect the clutch output shaft to the oar or the gearbox on the car.

Step 7: Connect the circuit, oil circuit and water circuit of the engine. The exhaust port is extended to the outside of the model cabin.

Step 8: Connect the power supply, turn on the power, start the engine, test the power output, and drive on the road after the running-in is completed.


  • Then, let's start the test

Sounds good too! Now let's put it in water and see the effect.


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peter - February 22, 2022
this clutch has only one bearing when I tighten the allen screw the outer shell won’t turn can you tell me whats wrong

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