How To Maintain Your Toyan Engine Methanol Version - Enginediy

How To Maintain Your Toyan Engine Methanol Version - Enginediy

How To Maintain Your Toyan Engine Methanol Version - Enginediy

How to maintain Toyan Engine after a period of using?
Just like most RC engine, you got to regularly maintain your RC engine to keep it running strong and increase its service time. The main aspects are don't let the engine over-heat, use the high-quality fuel and replace high-quality air filters.

In here, I would like recommend --- Zap PT31 PT-31 After Run Engine Oil (28ml)
Can use it to clean engine and prevent rust, can last for several months. Suit for the metal push rod inside the casing, you can apply the oil on the push rod surface before penetrating the tube.
After-use-oil for Maintain Your Toyan RC Engine - Enginediy
We will take Toyan 4 Stroke RC Engine as an explanation example.
To reduce the internal erosion of the engine. After you run your engine, you can add 6-7 drop of after-run-oil from the carburetor. But please be careful don't use WD-40! Rotate the engine for 2-3 seconds while not connecting the fire head and power, which can let the after-run-oil fill inside the engine, but don't add the after-use-oil inside the exhaust vent or fire head hole.
How To Maintain Your Toyan RC Engine - Enginediy
After-use-oil is not expensive, but can protect your valuable engine well. Don't use any unbranded engine oil or use other oil (such as WD40, gasoline engine oil) to replace it. Because the after-use-oil contains the ingredient that can dissolve the nitro components in the fuel and the rust for aluminum pistons and parts. Or if you use "vegetable oil", there is no need to add after-use oil.
How To Maintain Your Toyan RC Engine - Enginediy
When the engine runs every 10-15 hours (about 5 liters fuel), you have to apply some grease on the top rocker camshaft of engine, because Toyan 4 stroke engine has independent valve mechanism and there is no independent lubrication system. The internal piston connecting rod is naturally lubricated from the combustion of the lubricating oil component in the fuel. Therefore, the lubricating component in the fuel can not reach the top part of rocker camshaft and will cause the wear. It is necessary to check and add the appropriate amount of grease regularly.
How To Maintain Your Toyan RC Engine - Enginediy
If the engine has been used for 60-80 hours, you should contact with supplier or an experienced RC engine player, and let them to check whether your engine is operating properly, check the connecting rods and front and rear bearings to see whether there are worn. In order to avoid avoid any damage during the process, you can ask professional model shop for help to use the specialized bearing-remove tools to complete it.
Especially in the replacement of air filter. Please store you engine in a dry place, do good maintenance, clean and add after-use-oil, These will keep your engine in a good performance status.

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Thomas Gurtner - August 11, 2023
What grease do you suggest to build together a Toyan V8 Engine. In videos I se that red grease/oil will be used for assemblinn the Toyan engine. I don’t find any info in the manuals etc. Best regards, Thomas
FRANK. LAUREANNO - May 18, 2020
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