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When is Halloween in 2022?

While you know it always falls on Oct. 31, Halloween 2022 is celebrated on a Monday.
A weekday holiday requires more organization than one that falls on a weekend, especially since you have a limited time after school and work to dress up in costumes, hand out treats and go out for a night of trick or treat.

Now that you know the date in advance, how will you treat your Halloween in 2022?
Start preparing the costumes, piles of candy, carved pumpkins, and delicious recipes in advance, and come up with fun Halloween activities for kids and adults!

According to Google Trends, here are the top Halloween costume ideas in 2022: https://frightgeist.withgoogle.com/costumes

Treat your loved ones to fun facts.

To celebrate Halloween, Enginediy offers 20 cool gifts with more discounts.
enginediy halloween deals
How does this engine sound? scary? The sound emulation is scary, much like the real Harley-Davidson Panhead v2 engine sounds.

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