What is Coffee Cup Stirling Engine?

What is Coffee Cup Stirling Engine?

Engines that are powered by a fuel you can drink sound interesting, don’t they? They certainly are to me.

What Are Coffee Cup Stirling Engines?

A coffee cup Stirling engine is a low-temperature difference Stirling engine with a round, horizontal displacer that is slightly larger than the coffee mug it will rest on. Stirling motors of this type, which can started up by temperature differences of less than 20°C and less, were realized for the first time by in the 1980s by Professor I. Kolin from the University of Zagreb and Professor J. Senft from the University of Wisconsin.

These engines have a vertical flywheel that is supported on a stand above the displacer.

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How Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Works?

It operates energy from the heat flow between the cover and base plate. To create this flow, the temperature difference between the plates must be sufficiently large. This can occur either by heating or cooling the base plate. To heat it up, warmth from a hot cup of coffee, a hand, a receiver, a computer monitor or other household appliances can be used. The motor can also be operated by cooling the base plate, which can be done by placing it on a bowl of ice cubes. In addition, it can also be used as a solar motor. The motor also operates if its dark top surface is heated by solar radiation and its base plate is therefore cooler than the cover plate. When operated with ice or solar power, the flywheel moves in the opposite direction, however, and the Stirling motor runs backwards. After the Stirling motor has been on source of heat or cold for one to two minutes, it can be started by gently cranking the flywheel in the correct direction.

Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine

All in all, Coffee Cup Stirling Engine is therefore an absolute hit not only for collectors, but also for lovers of technology!

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