Single Cylinder IC Engine Kittiwake

New Single-Cylinder Engine Model Base On Kittiwake Engine | EngineDIY

This single-cylinder internal combustion engine model is coming soon at Enginediy.

It will be restored in a green retro style model, paying tribute to the classic Kittiwake Major.

1939 engine original blueprint

It seems ETW, published Kittiwake in 1944 following 'extensive testing'. In his book on Model Petrol Engines he claimed it was a development of the 1935 Kiwi Mk 1. This is a bit of a porky as it was a 1930 design and the bits of Kittiwake came with an original (and very delicate) geo. Kennion Blueprint of a drawing dated 1930 with the ball bearings and wet sump claimed as improvements over Kiwi! The castings are for a water cooled engine, although the drawing shows an air-cooled one. It has a very fine v-arrangement for the push-rod operated overhead valves.
In ME 2275 of 1944, ETW described the engine as a 15cc air-cooled one.

Fro my money one of Edgar Westbury's prettiest designs, the 15cc overhead valve "Kittiwake" was first published in plans form in the 1930s, although the great man didn't actually get around to a detailed writeup in the "Model Engineer" until 1944 - the result, he explained - of waiting until a comprehensive test program involving the engine had been completed.
This engine is nicely made and turns over freely. Unfortunately, during a long period of static display on a sideboard it was dropped onto the rocker cover, fracturing the casting (which just goes to show that the way to maintain engines in good condition is to keep using them). Fiddly to fix, but worthwhile - as well as being a good-looking engine, Kittiwakes are getting rather thin on the ground these days.

 Are you looking forward to this new single-cylinder IC engine model?

  • Green
  • OHV
  • Single cylinder four stroke
  • Dimensions 100*70*133MM
  • Bore 20MM
  • Stroke 22MM
  • Independent lubrication
  • Built-in oil pump
  • Mechanical ignition
  • Fuel: gasoline, kerosene, methanol
  • Carburetor and Ignition Breaker Assemblies
  • Air-cooled structure

Why not the water cooled version?

We have considered making it a water-cooled structure, but since it already has a built-in oil pump, plus a built-in large-flow water pump and water channel, there will be insufficient space. So it was designed to add more cooling fins on the cylinder barrel and cylinder head. If some friends like the water-cooled version, an external water pump can be added to work with the engine later.

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Jon Cook - April 2, 2023
Absolutely thrilled that Musa is producing the FV1A.

-I already know it will be unreal quality just like the Musa Whippet!! Can’t wait!!

Harold - March 19, 2023

That is great class, if he becomes as good as the Whippet, super.
If still looking for a new project, I still have a very popular but long forgotten engine.
This engine was very popular with many fishermen because of its simplicity.
Drawings and blueprints are available, if there is a need I will provide them.
It is the Hubbard engine from 1912, a boat engine.
I can send pictures with pleasure.
Many greetings

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