【NEW】Toyan Engine FS-S100AC Building Kit Set

【NEW】Toyan Engine FS-S100AC Building Kit Set

Toyan Engine FS-S100AC Building Kit Set

Toyan Engine FS-S100AC is a diy 4 stroke RC engine build kit . This is the 1st building real engine we published till now.
All the start kits are included. So after you finish building of Toyan Engine FS-S100AC, you can start it with these kit. Through playing, you can learn 4 stroke RC Engine's whole structure and construction. It is interesting and full of experience. Deserve to have one for collection or project.

Toyan Engine FS-S100AT Set Kit

Toyan Engine FS-S100AC

Toyan Engine FS-S100AC

How to build Toyan Engine FS-S100AC


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