Questions for Running-in of Toyan Engine FS-S100G / FS-S100GW

Questions for Running-in of Toyan Engine FS-S100G / FS-S100GW

Questions for Running-in of Toyan Engine FS-S100G / FS-S100GW

Recently many friends have encountered the issue that engine is difficult to start and not stable. In here we want share some experience with everybody. It is normal for the new engine not very stable during startup and operation. This is mainly caused by the engine not running-in well, and engine is not entering the working state. Therefore, it is very critical for the running-in of new engine, this will determine engine's performance and service-life in future. We will take Toyan 4 stroke gas engine as example.

Toyan Engine FS-S100G - Enginediy

You have to be patient while running-in the engine and make sure it is being run-in enough. The engine oil is divided into 2t (2 stroke) FB, FC, FD. All these three can be used for running-in. FB and FC, please keep the mixing ratio is 1:25, while FD is 1:28. The 1st tank of fuel is for running-in. If you have installed the engine on RC Car, please don't drive car, let engine run-in at idle speed in situ. During engine running-in at idle speed, please pay attention to the engine's cooling issue. That is, running engine for a while and stop it (it is around 20 mins), let engine cool naturally, and do that over and over again. After running-out the tank of fuel, remove the spark plug and clean it with gasoline, because of large proportion of engine oil, there maybe some carbon deposits left on spark plug.

Then let car run in slow speed for running-in engine with 2-3 tank of oil. And please pay attention not let engine run at high speed, you can open it at most half throttle, this is a very annoying process, but be patient! Wait until the running-in is done, once again see whether the spark plug sparks brightly, the normal spark is blue. When running in normal speed, adjust the oil ration to 1:30 (FB Oil), then you can start engine. If the engine stalled after ten seconds and the sound is a bit heavy, it means the engine is in rich-oil status.

At this time, you have to turn the engine's main oil needle clockwise to tighten it. If the engine's oil needle is messed up, you can tighten both main oil needle (high speed oil needle) and auxiliary oil needle (low speed oil needle) in clockwise direction (clockwise means shut off oil needle, counterclockwise is open oil needle), then turn main oil needle counterclockwise 1.8 - 2 laps and turn auxiliary oil needle 1.5 laps.

After starting the engine, let the engine run at idle speed for about ten seconds, then turn the main oil needle clockwise, and you will hear the engine's sound become higher and higher gradually. After finding the highest point, turn it counterclockwise around 2mm, Then the position will be the best main oil needle position.

Toyan Engine FS-S100G - Enginediy

When the car is running, you can adjust the high speed oil needle, the purpose is to let the engine reach the maximum speed. Lift the rear wheel, pull the throttle and adjust the high speed oil needle. you will obviously feel the engine's change in rotary speed, adjust the engine's rotary speed to the largest position ( that is, the engine sound is the loudest), then let the car run a lap and see its performance. If the engine is powerless, then open the main oil needle a bit (around 2mm), If the engine is suffocating, then close the main oil needle a bit. Don't be anxious, adjust it slowly, it can't be done at one time, you need to adjust it repeatedly to achieve satisfactory results.

The engine may be stalled during the oil needle adjusting process, please don't worry, this is normal in the run-in process. Sometimes, it will be difficult to start after engine stalled, tighten the idle screw clockwise a bit, start engine around 2-3 seconds and spark throttle slightly, which will make it easier to start. Once start, let the engine run under a small throttle status for a period of time, wait the engine run stable, then let engine back to idle status. You will master the regular pattern of engine's oil needle and you will in your element. In Short, the running-in of engine is very important, be patient and run-in it well. So does the oil needle.

Toyan Engine FS-S100G - Enginediy

Besides, mixing ration of fuel. 1:25 means use 1 part of engine oil to 25 parts of gasoline. Take 500ml gasoline as an example, you have to mix it with 20ml engine oil, the gasoline amount divided by the ration is equal to engine oil amount. The choice of gasoline No is related to the compression ratio of the engine. The gasoline you can purchase is only 90 # 93 # 97 #. For 23-26cc engine, you can use 90# gasoline, but considering the #90 oil quality issue, we recommend to use 93#. The engine oil's grade can be divided into FB, FC, FD, you can find this standard on the oil bottle. The mixing ration can be made according to engine oil manual. Generally, the normal sport car is 1:30, FC is 1:40 and FD is 1:50.

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Dave - December 22, 2023
I have a question – in a nut shell I cannot get the engine to run – I get no fire at all. Can someone tell me the following:

1. How can I check the glow plug and that it is firing? I replace the wire harness with a brand new one but I believe I am having the same issue as the old one and not getting the glow plug to fire.
2. I just had this thought if the timing is out can that cause the glow plug not to fire? I am away from the unit now so I will have to confirm the timing setup later.
3. I do have another Toyan FS-S100AC engine that runs – I took the glow plug out of each and swapped them. The old one still works, the new one not a single time did it fire off. Also, comparing the wiring on both it is identical.

Does anyone else have a thought on how to get this running and what I might have missed. Thanks DJM

Daniel - May 8, 2022
Hi. I’ve just assembled the Toyan FS-S100AC engine. What fuel should I use? From reading the above, I think I should mix 500 ml unleaded petrol with 20 ml of two stroke engine oil?


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