TECHING Newest L4 Engine Model That Works - EngineDIY

TECHING Newest L4 Engine Model That Works - EngineDIY

Hey friend, EngineDIY Team and TECHING Team plan to produce a new L4 Engine Model, here is the design, do you like it?

teching l4 engine

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Ronit - July 21, 2022
Very nice, love the exposed rockers ontop. Can the rockers be made from cast iron like on the os fs 60 engine? That would add valve to the engine. You guys should (personal opinion) make WW1 plane engines , 1 cylinder, 2, or 4 inline, all open rocker 4 stroke engines.

And vintage type single cylinder boat engines would be a hit as well. Use cast iron, brass etc to really make them collectible and worth making a bat just to use the engine!
This current engine if it runs on diesel would be a wonder! I am thinking spark ignition would be good enough.

Wayne Maresh - June 30, 2022
Will this be a running model on diesel fuel?

Will it have a starter motor.? Looks great even if it’s just a static model. Any thoughts of the price?

Wayne Newton - June 30, 2022

A very nice looking model. I assume that it will be turned using an electric motor, like all previous Teching models. Also like all previous Teching models, I am assuming that the parts will be supplied in a tin box. How many parts would be included in this model? If all my assumptions are correct I will be ordering one.

Richard Gagne - June 30, 2022
It’s a beautiful design.!! It’s very nice engine..!! I want a copy .!!
Jpl - June 30, 2022
Nice engine highly detailed would be a great table display and if it would work on a fuel that would be great

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