The improvement and upgrade of Enjomor 36cc DOHC inline four-cylinder | Enginediy

The improvement and upgrade of Enjomor 36cc DOHC inline four-cylinder | Enginediy

Announcement on the improvement and upgrade of Enjomor 36cc DOHC inline four-cylinder | Enginediy

First of all, thank you all for your support to enginediy. We apologize for the poor quality of the DOHC inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. Due to our negligence in quality control, it has affected everyone's shopping experience. Our team is very concerned about this, we attach great importance to this matter, and make emergency response as soon as possible, take the product off the shelf, negotiate and communicate with the factory, and improve and upgrade this engine. Thank you very much for your patience. Now we have upgraded the product and passed the test verification.
The improvement plan is as follows:
1. Oil pump and water pump cover (oil seal is added to the cover): the problem of oil leakage has been solved

2. Modification of the shell: A. The crankshaft support is replaced with a bearing to make the crankshaft more lubricated when it rotates.
B. Make the oil sump and the shell joint part can use the oil-proof gasket, no longer need to apply glue.

3. Modification of the oil circuit: no need to connect the oil circuit pipe, making the oil circuit more concise and better sealing.

4. Starting gear: The gear is replaced with steel gear and quenched, which solves the problem of gear wear. A second gear is added in the middle to make the starting smoother.

5. Exhaust pipe: galvanized exhaust pipe makes the exhaust pipe more beautiful.

6. Engine bracket: Several holes are made on the shell to make the bracket easier to install.

7. Distributor connector: Use a compression method to make the connector stronger.

8. Air intake pipe: made a boss, so that the screw will not pass through the air intake cover, and the air tightness is better.

9. Oil pump and water pump pulley: The diameter of the pulley is increased to make the contact surface larger, increase the friction, and better drive the operation of the water pump and the oil pump.

10. Valve nail: Stainless steel is selected for the valve nail to prevent rust.

11. Idle wheel: The diameter of the idle wheel is increased to make the running smoother.

12.Highlight design: we use the three-ring Design.

13.There are 5 supports on the crankshaft, so the shaft will not be broken.

We will update more running videos later.If you want to send it back to me to replace it, please contact me. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email

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David cecil Bradley - April 1, 2023
DOHC engine all upgrades done. Free of charge.

Flat twin sorted Free of charge,

They do care and fix problems.


chester huggins - November 10, 2022
is this a interfearce engine
Robert Lerios - September 20, 2022
Hello.I purchased the one of the engines when first released.It does not have any of the modifications.I have never started it.I did add oil and turned it over with the starter.I also put distilled water in a tank connected to the engine for cooling.The engine has an oil leak from the pump shaft on the front of the engine.It also leaked water badly from the water pump shaft.I then decided to make it a desktop ornament,an expensive one for sure.I then put it out of mind until I noticed the upgraded engine.I am very interested in finding out how my $1000 engine can be repaired and used as this was my initial intent when I purchased it.Please let me know how to proceed. Kindest Regards,Robert Lerios
david bradley - February 16, 2022

All sorted quickly no problem, Great engines,
Quick and efficient, Previous comments were personal to them, Not sure how they got posted but shows they don"t hide any problems that may occur,

David bradley

mitch - November 28, 2021

I was finally able to buy one of these. In order to get to a place where you can insert the coupon code I had to go farther into the PayPal process than I ever have before. I was scared it was going to ring up before I got the coupon code in but eventually it gave me a place to put it. Just be patient and it will work!!

mitch - November 25, 2021
I have one in my cart for IMMEDIATE purchase but I can find how to use the coupon code 100 to get thew $899 price. Tell me how and I order instantly.


david bradley - October 9, 2021
What about upgrades to my DOHC engine. Not used yet.

What about my Flat Twin that will not run!!!,


david bradley - October 9, 2021
What about the upgrades to my engine. Not used yet,

What about my Flat Twin. Will not run!!!,


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