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TikTok Ban? Why Not Share on Tiktok? | EngineDIY

TikTok, a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short videos, with over a billion active users, has become one of the most popular social media platforms around the world.

However, TikTok has also faced controversies, the question of whether to ban TikTok has become a hotly debated topic. Do you agree to ban Tiktok?

Enginediy will also share our engine model on Tiktok, which is a platform to quickly display our engine, and it has also been liked by many friends. You can share your thoughts and insights on tiktok with us. If you like engine models from Enginediy, you can also share your engine models on tiktok like us, tag #Enginediy, let's share in the same hobby field.

But why are we share on TikTok? What motivates us to create and upload content to the platform? Here are a few reasons.

      Fast delivery of information

Anyone can spread information and express their opinions on TikTok. For events around them, audience reports come faster than traditional news reports, and more content can be delivered more quickly.

      Connect with others

One of the main reasons for sharing on TikTok is to connect with others. By sharing experiences, talents and interests, users can connect with like-minded people and build relationships based on shared values and interests. As a result, Enginediy has gained many friends who are also interested in model engines.

      Show creativity

TikTok provides a space where we can share ideas and get instant feedback. Enginediy share various engine models, assemble and modify the engine in RC cars, and more enthusiasts with the same interest can also share their creative engines.

      To gain followers and motivate

Sharing videos of thoughtful content creators through Tiktok can gain exposure and build followers. While gaining followers, it also provides creators with confidence, inspires enthusiasm, and may even turn their enthusiasm into a career, achieve something meaningful.

Finally, Tiktok is only a part of social media, it provides a platform for people to communicate, share information and entertainment, just like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

If you are interested in engines and mechanical models, follow Enginediy's social platform, and if you want to interact with us, tag#Enginediy

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