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TOYAN V8 Engine FS-V800 Will Be Launched! | EngineDIY

Hey ya!

TOYAN first V-8 4 stroke nitro engine will be released soon! And the upcoming TOYAN FS-V800 still adopts red and black which means recognizable color to TOYAN engines,  do you like it?

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Let's watch the video and know more about it!

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Will it be water-cooled?
Will the new V-8 be made as a kit or an assembled model?
Any release date?

As we await more details about the new V8 engine, read more news about this new FS-V800 engine and other TOYAN engines for sale.

When applied in rc monster trucks, pulling trucks and even drag cars,
TOYAN V8 engine should be an absolute lion! TOYAN engine is known from quality components and extreme power output, lets looking forward to the FS-V800!

Please comment below and let me know if there is any problems on it!

EngineDIY Team

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Gourvil - May 19, 2022

Is it possible to have the plan(blueprint) of the engine?

Chad - March 26, 2022

Would make a great hybrid power plant for a drone.

Neil - March 23, 2022
If it was water cooled gad

s/petrol engine I would be interested ive got a 36cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke but its got to many oil leaks to trust it running
As others have said build quality needs improving
Neil G6UWI

Uwe Oberschelp - March 23, 2022
Hope it will be in kit form, would not buy assembled.
Leonard T. - March 22, 2022
I hope it comes as air cooled!
Marc - March 22, 2022

I would like this new V-8 engine. But like some of the other comments said their engines don’t always work from the factory. I bought a new engine last year the first one from them and it never ran and still doesn’t.

Victor Kowtun - March 21, 2022
I hope this engine will come in kit form , because you have such poor quality control During the assembly process .
Allen Elkins - March 21, 2022
Waiting for it to come available been waiting for a v8 to put in my street/ drag car
Anonymous - March 21, 2022

Can’t wait to get one….or two.

Tom B In Fla - March 21, 2022
Anxiously awaiting this beautiful engine. Hope it comes out as an assembly kit.

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