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V8 Engine Model Kit - Build Your Own V8 Engine - V8 Engine for Capra VS4-10

RC Full Simulation Engine:
V8 internal combustion engine structural principle design, drive structure of belt wheel winding, generator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump, water pump, complete output flywheel and layered cylinder head, cylinder head cover, spiral near and far valve intake manifold, oil pan structure, and power supply drive board plug interface.

Model KIT That Works:
Product based on pre-color, users need to install. The V8 engine model can simulate the operation with electricity. At the same time, considering the stability and reliability of operation, we made the full bearing structure of the driving part in the mini space.

The simulated V8 engine is suitable for a variety of RC models such as AX90104, SCX10, Capra, VS4-10 Pro/Ultra. Installing this engine will make your remote control car unique and powerful, but it is also a great decoration to exercise the ability to assemble and restore the V8 engine.

This engine kit does not contain the bracket, you can choose the corresponding engine bracket according to your model. The engine and the bracket are sold simultaneously.

The link to buy: https://bit.ly/3AzqCNq

5% Off For The Product:2021

Enginediy: https://www.enginediy.com

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Krekel - November 10, 2021
V8 engine model kit that works – Build your own V8 engine – V8 engine for Capra

I received today the ordered V8 Engine Model Kit that Works – Build Your Own V8 Engine – V8 Engine for Capra VS4-10 × 1. Since it is a gift for my grandson it would be imperative to have a blueprint for assembly. Where can I get a detailed plan for this object, or a CD with appropriate instructions. I do not think it is okay to send the kit for children without any instructions. Not everyone at the age of 12 is savvy enough to be able to assemble without instructions. Even an adult is not always in a position to provide assistance in this regard – so before something is done irreparably wrong, there should be a plan to guide you.
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