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Victoria was a bicycle manufacturer in Nürnberg, Germany that made motorcycles from about 1901 until 1966.

Victoria V35 Bergmeister is a motorcycle produced by Victoria AG in Nuremberg, Germany in 1955. The Bergmeister with a long development cycle is a very high-quality car. The displacement of the car is only 350ml, but its price is Very expensive, around 5,000 of this car were produced during the production period, and the car was notable for its sleek and sleek engine. The Bergmeister is one of the rarest motorcycles in the world today with only a few known survivors.

Bergmeister's engine

The engine of Bergmeister is a transversely mounted V2 four-stroke engine with a cylinder angle of 64°, a displacement of 347ml and an output of 21hp. This engine is cooled by natural air, and the smooth cylinders are exposed to the air. Compared with the horizontally opposed 180° cylinders, the smaller cylinder angle can obtain a larger inclination angle when turning. The two connecting rods in the engine are connected to the same crankpin, and above the crankshaft is a chain-driven camshaft, which controls the rocker arms and valves located on the top of the cylinder through tappets.

Below are some disassembled photos of the V35 engine

If you happen to own a Victoria V35 Bergmeister, you may love a mini V35 engine model.

But since it's so rare, a small V35 model OHV v-twin four-cylinder engine might help us learn more about it if you're interested.

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