Welcome To A New α-Type Stirling Engine | Share More From Enginediy

Welcome To A New α-Type Stirling Engine | Share More From Enginediy

α-Type Stirling Engine FAQ

What is a Stirling engine and how does it work?

Stirling engine is one kind of external combustion engine which converts thermal energy into kinetic energy by heating and cooling the working gas sealed in the cylinders. Thermal efficiency of Stirling cycle is as high as Carnot cycle which theoreticaly has the highest thermal efficiency.

What are the different types of Stirling engine?

Stirling engines are classified to three types with viewpoint of working space: alpha-type, beta-type and gamma-type

What is Alpha Stirling engine?

An alpha Stirling contains two power pistons in separate cylinders, one hot and one cold.

ENJOMOR Minitype α-type Hot-air Stirling External Combustion Engine Model DIY Physics Science Experiment Toy

This Stirling engine adopts Alpha structure, is compact in size, exquisite and generous, and has high output power. The speed can reach 2000 rpm, which is more powerful. It has great potential for DIY modification, and it will be more attractive if it tries to be carried in various types of technological toys.

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