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One of our friends explained on our Facebook Group that he loved our product but prospects for future purchases/pre-order are dimmed due to their failure in product/support delivery. And he does not know if it is because we are selling product before it is fabricated or if they simply have a real poor system. Do you have the same opinion? What do you think of our pre-order of some products?

Why Preorder?
We picked up some viewpoints of our customers, let's go ahead and see what they said!

Due to the low demand for model engines in the world, they accrue orders until a quota is hit that’s large enough to justify a production batch at a factory. They aren’t like US businesses where a factory is dedicated to one item or brand. They have many many many factories that specialize in production of anything. So production of a model isn’t done until there’s enough orders for it. It doesn’t seem right to most in the US because that’s not how we’re used to businesses operating but that’s a big reason how China is able to produce everything at extremely low prices. We’re only just now seeing it in the last decade or so because of the online shopping and the public being able to directly order from these Chinese manufacturers. ---Pat Alexander has always taken care of anything I’ve needed, follow up messages, and customer support.
I’ve actually been blown away with how polite and helpful Enginediy’s service has always been… especially considering the language barrier; their staff does a lot of translating to English, for us.
We all hate waiting now, and thanks to good ol Amazon Prime, it’s common for 24hr 2nd day shipping.
Enginediy is offering something that no other company has attempted to bring to the masses - miniature running scale engines at a price that’s much more affordable & obtainable than other scale engines in the past.
This is just the very forefront of the hobby;
I look at everything as a prototype that’s constantly being evolved / updated / fine-tuned. To me that’s the fun part… the testing & tuning
Will there be issues?
Of course. Will different parts be required / needed for replacements? Yep.
This hobby requires a lot of patience & technical skill, *and or* the willingness to learn.
Out of all the mechanical and Motorsports hobbies that I’ve been into through my life, miniature engines has been the most fun 🤙 ---Jon Cook

I pre-ordered my shovel head engine in November. I was told it would not be done till the first of the year in January. I receive letter stating that they’re going on holiday time. They can send the engine out now or I can wait till after January to get the engine, I decided to wait till the end of January. I didn’t contact them  at the end of January and they responded quickly and they are sending my engine out now as we speak and I should have it within five days. They’ve always answered my questions when I sent him a males and I’ve always been courteous to me I have not had no problems with this company, and they have sent me out another engine part of this.---John Sitter

The less popular motors aren't necessarily stocked, they get built in batches and until a whole batch is sold, u gotta wait. Unless u know of other places with this many choices of motors, parts and service, what can u do? ---Brandon Havlicek

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After reading their conversation, would you please tell us what's your viewpoint?

What Products We Have Pre-ordered?
  1. The 1st engine for preorder is CISON panhead V2 enginecison v2 engine
  2. The 2nd engine for preorder is TECHING radial engine that worksteching radial engine
  3. The 3rd engine for preorder is TOYAN rotor engine
    toyan rotor engine toyan rotor engine 
  4. The 4th engine for preorder is TOYAN V8 engine
    toyan v8 nitro engine  toyan v8 gas engine
  5. The 5th engine for preorder is TECHING L4 diesel engineteching l4 diesel engine
  6. The 6th engine for preorder is ENJOMOR V8 engineenjomor v8 engine
  7. The 7th engine for preorder is HOWIN L6 engine
    howin l6 engine  howin l6 engine
  8. The 8th engine for preorder is TOYAN L200AC Engine -OTTO MOTOR/ SEMTO Engine
    toyan l200ac semto engine  toyan l200ac otto motor
  9. The 9th engine for preorder is CISON shovelhead V2 enginecison v2 engine shovelhead

Picture by Jon Cook.

Which one you want to be the next one more?

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Francois Chadzynski - July 30, 2023
Hi, I need to have news about my order ( pre order) # 28440 ( confirmed)

Thank you
François from France

Laval Bergeron - February 20, 2023
I also love that radial engin
Laval Bergeron - February 20, 2023
I love all your mini motors…

I have a pan engin coming in this week..
I love the shovel engin and the diesel engin

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