Low Temperature Stirling Engine Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Model Education Toy - Enginediy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Great product my nephew had so much fun putting it together and my father uses to figure out if his tea is cool enough to drink!!! Great product would purchase again


The Stirling-Engine was packaged very well; all the parts werte adequately protected - the assembly took only 30 Seconds. The engine works really efficient (close to the themodynamical maximum) and therefore really needs a small temperatue difference to start. All the parts were well engineered.
As an aside, i would recommend every purchaser to get either (fine grinded) Carbon or Talcum to lubricate the Piston.

A Nice Little Engine

This is a nice little engine.Unfortunately, the flywheel and axle assembly arrived slightly damaged where the axle was loose in the flywheel and the flywheel did not run "true". The flywheel touched the displacer piston housing and the engine refused to run. I straightened the flywheel as well as I could and used a spot of superglue to stop the axle spinning inside the flywheel. The engine now runs, but the flywheel still has a slight wobble. This mars this nice little engine. Hopefully other buyers will not experience the same problem.

Engine is great, be aware of shipping times

The engine is great, requires some graphite lubricant. Meanwhile, the website indicates 3-15 business days for expected delivery time to the US. I placed my order on May 15 and it did not leave China until May 23 and I did not receive it until June 19. That's not entirely in the company's control and COVID-19 probably added delays, but publishing "3-15 business days" for expected delivery time is misleading.


I thought it would probably run for 3 or 4 minutes. With large cup of scalding hot water it ran for 79 minutes, 02 seconds. I watched it like a hawk the whole time. Engine ran until water temp had dropped to 113 degrees F.

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